We’re back.

Hardcore Gamer began its life as Hardcore Gamer Magazine in 2005. At a time when magazines were beginning to shut down, we did the opposite. Within months, hundreds of thousands of issues of Hardcore Gamer were distributed to subscribers. We quickly became a trusted source in the industry, employing only writers who were seriously hardcore about gaming.

Then the internet happened. Nobody wanted to advertise in magazines anymore. Without advertisements, the enormous overhead of printed journalism was impossible to maintain. In 2010, after a five year run, the final issue of Hardcore Gamer Magazine was printed.

So how does a former magazine go online and compete with large, established websites? They don’t, and we’re not going to. In fact, we still encourage you to go to sites like IGN and Gamespot. When the same exact article is already being written 50 times across the internet, the last thing you need is for us to write it again.

We’re devoted to delivering articles that you won’t read anywhere else. Think of us a supplement to the gaming site you already visit. We don’t censor any content that our contributors wish to print — popularity be damned. In addition to features and reviews, you will see articles that are solely informed opinions, putting a true gamer’s spin on a story. With our staff consisting of veterans of the industry, we aspire to be a forum where the hardcore gamer’s voice can finally be represented by the media. After all, we’re one of you.

  • RHF

    It’s great to see this site back. Been lonley without it, much less the magazine having ended.

    Very professional looking design so far

    • Leon the Hart

      Thanks! It’s taken a longbutt time to make it look so darn perty.

  • Matesamo

    Very good, bring me the news of the obscure games that I crave and I shall read! I remember buying GameFan back when I was looking for 7800 news and being blown away by all the cool games in the world. If you can get me close to that feeling again I will be thrilled.

  • inplainview

    The old comments are returning!