Okami Goes HD

Capcom seems to be quick on their toes today. Just as word came from early adopters of the latest Famitsu issue, Capcom has gone ahead and announced Ōkami HD for the Playstation 3. Priced at a measly $19.99 in North America, the remastered version of Ōkami will be released through Sony’s Playstation Store this fall and will be complete with HD visuals, Playstation Move integration and of course, Playstation Trophies.

Considering the popularity behind Capcom’s remastered Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X on the Xbox 360, it’s somewhat surprising that the company decided to push this exclusively on the Playstation 3. Regardless, Move integration will certainly provide more intuitive controls and just seeing Amaterasu run around in HD for the first time will be more than enjoyable as Ōkami is a series that needs more love.

  • RHF

    Meh. I have it for PS2 and Wii, which I’m betting is what this will just be.

  • JPeeples

    This should look absolutely outstanding. The PS2 version still looks quite good, and will definitely help this not just feel like an old game presented in widescreen.

  • $20 is a good deal! Let’s just hope no IGN logos this time. Poor Okami. Overshadowed by its cover art.

  • JPeeples

    The Wii version was kind of cursed – between that and the removal of the Clover credits, it had two strikes against it right away, regardless of how well-done the port itself was.

  • It’d be quite a feat if they slipped a watermark in on a digital game. Don’t worry, though. I’m sure Capcpom has some other “mistake” they’ll whip up 😉

  • James

    I’ve got the PS2 version. I heard the Wii version was missing a few effects, so hopefully this will be the best of motion control and all the lovely art bits that Okami should have. I never beat the original, so this will give me incentive to take another run at it.

  • I updated with the reveal trailer. I completely forgot how bad PS2 games looked with that sub-480i resolution. I can’t wait to see 4-8k video games in the next ten to twenty years.

  • JPeeples

    I’ve been playing Okami on the PS2 through component (thank God the PS3 and PS2 share connectors) and I think it looks pretty good still. Now if I tried to play it with S-Video or Composite…yeah that’d be scary.