Exclusive Giveaway: Johnny Impossible

The third entry into the “Johnny ____” series, Johnny Impossible looks to be a fun throwback to ‘Metroidvania’ titles, while simultaneously riffing on both Metal Gear and Mega Man. To celebrate its release, Hardcore Gamer is teaming up with UFO Interactive to give five lucky readers a copy of the 3DS game when released on December 27th. How often do you get to win a game on launch day?

To enter, simply comment below with the genre you’d like Johnny to tackle next (hint: he’s already done Westerns and Kung Fu; there are no right or wrong answers and different entries can have the same concept).

The contest is open to all HardcoreGamer.com members (membership is completely free, register in the sidebar). Five winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received by 10:00pm Pacific Time Thursday, December 27, 2012. Please enter only once — duplicate entries will be discarded. Prizes that are not claimed within seven days will be awarded to other entrants.

Contest Ended. Winners have been notified via e-mail.

  • Alyrian

    I’d like to see him tackle a martial arts game genre next. It would be a style that he already has some practice with from the Kung Fu but could expand upon that and bring more styles in.

  • andybam

    How about a zombie apocalypse?

  • George Kot

    Johnny should tackle the horror genre. It seems to be what’s hot right now, not to mention horror always translates well with videogames.

  • DrPixel

    I’d love to see him try something Resident Evil-esque (the original game I mean). Could be very fun and would definitely work with what they already have going! 😀

  • Nearlight

    I think a detective mystery would be GREAT! We can throw in more action and investigating…maybe have him be a Private Eye with a secret organization out to get whatever he’s trying to solve for his client. It could be a great twist on the Hotel Dusk scene, which is severely lacking! Thanks for the contest, guys!

  • delsus09

    I think that an interesting genre for the Johnny series would be the dark medieval period, done in a side-scrolling fashion. With blades, axes, shields, arrows, maces, catapults, & any other pointy objects, it could be a great beat-em-up, sort of like Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (PSN/XBLA).

    Then there’s the whole samurai / Edo-period idea…but that would be too much like Johnny Impossible (or at least that is how I perceive it as; I haven’t played it myself, I’ve only seen some of the gameplay).

    Beat-em-ups have always been fun to me (River City Ransom, anyone?), & I imagine one in which Johnny is in a metal suit of armor, flailing people & slashing through swarms of pikemen & archers would be…well, damn fun too.

  • eugaet

    Film noir. Johnny could be a hard-boiled private eye. And the game would have to be in grayscale.

  • fivexfive

    I second the notion of film noir. You can do some really great narrative and action combinations with that.

  • ObsidianSpire

    I’d like to see Johnny tackle Sci-fi. 🙂 Or maybe a Dungeon Crawler kind of game.

  • Crazycat

    Thought I already submitted for this? Ahh well, I can now.
    I’m with the others, on the Film Noir style.

  • sarisa

    CLEARLY he should tackle the much-neglected horror/noir-themed dating sim genre next (as exemplified by such TRAGICALLY UNDERRATED CLASSICS as “Doki-Doki Cannibal Hotel: Room 215” and “My Vampyre Gumshoe Oniichan Can’t Be This Cute!”).

  • Akari

    He should do steampunk!

  • pinwheel

    Johnny Impossible is perfectly suited to a Smash TV tribute (complete with roguelike random layout highscore mode and local 2P multiplayer) combined with the post-postmodern metaficitional overtones of a visual novel.

  • bloodyvonneguts

    id like to see him do and indiana jones/uncharted style adventure. ya know, a close knit group traveling the world in search of mysterious treasure, while fighting off baddies. if not this then, Johnny…….IN SPAAACE!!!

  • Captain Theo

    Dieselpunk or Steampunk, either and/or both.