The Power is Back in Full Force

The final issue of Nintendo Power was published earlier this month. While this marks a sad chapter in video game history, a new publication hopes to resurrect the magazine’s legacy in their own way. Nintendo Force is the spiritual successor to the nearly 25 year old magazine. The staff is made up of a number of editors and artists from various large gaming websites and led by IGN’s Nintendo editor, Lucas Thomas. This alliance is dedicated to preserving the memory of Nintendo for all those lifelong fans. The first edition will arrive in January 2013 as both printed and digital issues. Expect the same amount of previews, reviews, letters from fans but with more fun.

  • Interesting concept, but it’s incredibly hard to have a printed magazine, let alone launch one, in 2012. If Nintendo Power couldn’t make it, it will be a tough road ahead for the Force.

  • Bradly Hale

    I wish everyone the best of luck with Nintendo Force, however I fear the same as you, Steve: the print magazine is on its last leg. I sincerely hope they don’t waste all their resources on making the print version something extravagant, as I could see that leading down an ugly, disastrous road. With the contributing editors on-staff, Nintendo Force could be a powerhouse. Here’s hoping they play their cards right, and gamers is ready for yet another Nintendo-centric magazine/outlet.

  • It’s full of highly experienced, very talented people. I hope they go far.

  • Bradly Hale

    *and gamers [are] ready for yet another Nintendo-centric magazine/outlet.

    That’s better.