Fan Makes Life-Size Version of Solid Snake Entirely Out of Balloons

Becoming friends with a balloon artist is always a smart decision; case in point: this ridiculous life-size version of Solid Snake made solely out of twisting balloons. Balloon artist Bruce Carr’s friend was having a birthday, and instead of twisting him a mere toy poodle, he crafted the masterpiece seen below. We’re not sure exactly how many balloons it took to construct, but we imagine that there’s a Party City somewhere out of blue balloons.

Considering it’s construction, it’s quite life-like, complete with a grey bandana and eyeballs. The realism of it almost makes it creepy — something that if it were standing in your hallway at 1:15 AM would trigger cardiac arrest.

Quite honestly, it puts every other balloon artist to shame. Somewhere there’s a guy with suspenders and an iPad cursing the name Bruce Carr — after all, somebody is bound to ask him to make a Solid Snake — we know we will.

Source: Facebook

  • JPeeples

    The balloon rose on the hat is a nice touch.

  • JPeeples

    Also, it looks like Max Moon.

  • Bradly Hale

    Those feet look like rather intricate works of art in and of themselves.

  • Topher! (Now with 200% more beard!)

    Well that sure is the creepiest thing I’ve seen all day.

  • Jake

    It looks like his face is melting

  • Jake
  • RHF

    Just imagine it popping. You ears will probably go out for an hour. Well….looking at it, it doesn’t look like something that’d give out a lout satisfying pop