If Excitebike Were an Adventure Game…

Excitebike was a fantastic racing game in its time, but it never quite evolved the way other Nintendo properties did. Sure, we got Excitebike 64 and *shudders* Excite Truck, but those were just 3D updates of the same formula. Properties like Donkey Kong got a series of adventure games, a 3D platformer and a rhythm game that decorates closets everywhere with fading plastic bongos. If that can all come from an ’80s arcade game about a monkey throwing barrels, why not Excitebike? That’s exactly what indie developer Gigatross Games thought when they created “Excitebike: The Adventure” for a retro gaming art show.

The animated short short shows what could have been if only Nintendo included an “Adventure” mode, turning a day at the 2D races into a deep, existential crisis with the red racer.

  • Thanks for the kind coverage, Steve / Hardcore Gamer! Much appreciated. We hope you like the video, it was certainly a lot of fun to make!

  • What a tweest!