Tecmo Koei to Publish Next Atelier Game?

It’s time to get your alchemy on again; at least that’s what Tecmo Koei seems to be hinting at after acquiring Gust, developer of the Atelier series, and announcing Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk for Europe. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, seeing as the game was announced for a PAL localization back at July’s Anime Expo. Not to mention, Tecmo Koei has been distributing many of NIS America’s games in Europe for a while now; so it makes sense, really.

Where the story gets interesting however, is in the ESRB rating that has seemingly snuck onto the interwebs today, indicating Tecmo Koei might be publishing the game in the States as well. This would be something new for the Atelier series here in North America, since NISA has always handled these types of ordeals.

Nevertheless, as it stands now, much of this is speculation. The only hard evidence we have is in reference to a European launch date, which has penciled in The Alchemist of Dusk for a Q1 2013 release. Perhaps it’s safe to assume that it will hit North America around the same time.

  • RHF

    I hope this will be better then Rorona. I want to get into it, but I hate the stupid time limit aspect. I have Totori and Meruru, but do they ditch that obnoxious time limit? I hope it’s more like how alchemy was done in the Mana Khemia series where it can help you get stronger

  • Bradly Hale

    Unfortunately, both Totori and Meruru share Rorona’s time limit feature. Though, Totori’s time limit is extremely forgiving and excessive in comparison.

    • I disagree. Totori is better.

      • Bradly Hale

        Better than what? I didn’t think we were talking about which of the games is the better title; but if we are, then I agree: Totori is the best of the lot.

  • RHF

    UUUUUGGGH. I love the series, but that part in Rorona just annoys me to no end. Well hopefully it’s not added to this one. Guess I’ll need to find guides to easy alchemy for Rorona and the gang

  • Leon the Hart

    I’ve been looking for Ayesha localization updates for months now. Hopefully this is true!

  • I just hope GameStop gives out soundtracks with pre-orders. WHO’S WITH ME!?

    • RHF

      Or just buy the CE from NISA, more worth it.

      • Bradly Hale

        I almost always order my NISA games directly from their online store. The CE’s and general pack-in goodies are just too fantastic to pass up.