Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 11: Backdoor Pirates

Episode 11 is a podcast jam-packed with content, including Fire Emblem: Awakening impressions, Beck professing his love for playing MMORPGs by his lonesome and Steve receiving unwarranted ridicule for choosing Magikarp as his favorite Pokemon. Far too much of the podcast is devoted to Corpse Party: Book of Shadows and it gets pretty weird.

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  • Netflix has not one but TWO fireplaces you can watch. Just like Christmas.

  • HopscotchScooter

    “I don’t like to be called Brad because it reminds me of Home Improvement.”

  • Bradly Hale

    Cat Pro Wrestling.

  • Jbumi

    Hey, I really enjoy your podcasts – although all the “elementary school” talk has me thinking I should be listening under headphones!!! 🙂

    I just wanted to mention that is was Kimberly Wallace who wrote the Ni No Kuni review for GI. Previous to her hire there, she was a writer at RPGFan for many years. My point is that she’s a big fan of JRPGs. When you read the review you see it’s well thought-out & makes her reasons for the score understandable.

    It’s how all reviews should read: a clear, concise explanation of the numerical score; not like the metacritic jackalopes who whine like 2 year olds while handing out ridiculous scores.

  • Now I want to know what Lee Everett’s email was!

    And fact check, PAX East is March 22-24.