Exclusive Giveaway: Frozen Hearth

Hardcore Gamer is teaming up with Epiphany Games to give five lucky readers a copy of the PC game, Frozen Hearth (RRP $24.99).

Frozen Hearth is an eight player action-RTS telling the story of the Danaan, as they face an epic-scale invasion of their lands by a seemingly-endless horde of ice monsters they come to call ‘The Shangur’.

To enter, simply comment below with your favorite game that takes place in a chilly setting (there are no right or wrong answers). Entrants with five or more article comments outside of giveaways at the time the contest ends will be granted an additional entry.

The contest is open to all HardcoreGamer.com members (membership is completely free, register in the sidebar). Five winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received by 11:59pm Pacific Time Friday, February 8, 2013. Please enter only once — duplicate entries will be discarded. Prizes that are not claimed within seven days will be awarded to other entrants.

Contest Ended. Winners have been notified via e-mail.

In the meantime, make sure to head over to Steam Greenlight to vote up the release.

  • Banggoo


  • krea

    Advent Rising, but only because I will never forget the ending

  • artichi

    hope i win

  • fir3drqgon

    Borderlands 2

  • Tezuz

    ill go for The Legend of Zelda series, most of the ice dungeons have great puzzles in there and some great levels designs, like on twilight princess the snowpeak ruins.

  • Angel9RakouCobra

    I feel like I had a good game on the tip of my tongue but I can’t remember it. I’ll have to go with Skyrim or SSX Tricky. Thanks!

  • ryano

    Epyx Winter Games on the Apple II. Hotdog!

  • Captain Theo

    Metro 2033. By far.

  • ilRadd

    Lost Planet

  • Nearlight

    Skyrim counts, right? So yes, I’ll go with Skyrim in general. It’s an Elder Scrolls game, I mean come on. The controls are tight, the graphics are gorgeous, the story is great, and there is SO much to do. And the PC version has a Steam Workshop that gives you access to limitless extra content. There’s so much to love with Skyrim.

    One game that I don’t think will get mentioned that is also good is Cryostasis. It’s a great, scary Arctic thriller with a lot taken from The Thing (the Kurt Russell one, mind you) with just enough glitches to give it mediocre reviews. It’s no longer on Steam, but you can get a key at Gala Store for $1. The glimpses of brilliance and desolate survival-horror atmosphere really make it a good, but obscure, game.

  • austieb7

    Definitely Skyrim!

  • opterasis

    SSX Tricky

  • ritchardf

    havent played it yet, but i expect company of heroes 2 to quickly become my favorite. advancing troops during a snowstorm, destroying lakes that tanks are using for transportation, its gonna be great.

  • roseofmay


  • ropes

    The Thing on the PC is a pretty good survivor horror, but wished it had more survival and more “things”. The game had so much potential is while not the best game is one of the best survival horror games in an ice based environment. I’m talking 3rd person horror not first person shooter horror games

  • inplainview

    1080 Snowboarding for the 64! 😉

  • severose

    SSX on the PS2!

  • Darklurkr23

    Lost Planet I guess