Exclusive Giveaway: The Showdown Effect (Beta)

Hardcore Gamer is teaming up with Paradox Interactive and Twitch to give ten lucky readers a beta code for the upcoming multiplayer shooter, The Showdown Effect.

The Showdown Effect is a 2.5D multiplayer action game inspired by ’80s and ’90s action films, featuring an unparalleled arsenal including shotguns, baseball bats, assault riffles, umbrellas, grenades, katanas, rocket launchers and more. The game also has to the ability to directly steam to Twitch, ensuring it’ll be easy to brag about your dominance without the need for costly equipment.

To enter, simply comment below with what ’80s or ’90s action flick you’d most like to see adapted to a game and why (there are no right or wrong answers). Entrants with five or more article comments outside of giveaways at the time the contest ends will be granted an additional entry.

The contest is open to all HardcoreGamer.com members (membership is completely free, register in the sidebar). Ten winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received by 11:59pm Pacific Time Friday, February 15, 2013. Please enter only once — duplicate entries will be discarded. Prizes that are not claimed within seven days will be awarded to other entrants.

Contest Ended. Winners have been notified via e-mail.

  • uniqueman23

    Judge dredd

  • finnylicious

    A 90’s action flick that I’d like to see adapted into a videogame would be John Woo’s The Killer.
    We’ve already had Sleeping Dogs, and The Killer is Sleeping Dogs on cocaine. Crazy over the top gunfights, swearing, blood, and bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets, bullets…
    It’s the film that inspired the wedding scene in Sleeping Dogs.
    You know what? Any John Woo movie. Just remake them as Sleeping Dogs DLC.
    That would make me a very, very happy bunny rabbit.

  • SeverianofUrth

    Warriors of Virtue! Kung-fu. Kangaroos.

    Snap into a Slim-Jim!

  • ogam

    crocodile dundee

  • Karazykid

    Tank Girl would be for a crazy, but pretty awesome video game.

  • Evilcheez86

    Die Hard, because Bruce Willis is a badass.

  • I’ve gotta agree with the person saying Tank Girl.

    For my actual pick, Hot Shots! Part Deux! It’s got enough ridiculousness and action to play out as a video game already!

  • opterasis

    Lethal Weapon. It’ll be like army of two, but grumpier!