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Sat 03:00 PM

not super unique but solid mechanics

Sat 02:59 PM

outlast is actually real good. its an indie survival horror im told will be around .

Sat 01:12 PM

headed back to the show floor. check the stream

Sat 01:05 PM

coop looks like some of the best ive seen

Sat 01:02 PM

fuse looks great. dont listen to the naysayera

Sat 11:13 AM

kamiya should bloody up the game.

Sat 11:12 AM

wario game and watch is fun but sorta just an extension of nintendoland

Sat 11:11 AM

Checked out wonderful 101. such a fun game

Sat 08:54 AM

im going to livestream for a bit so head over to the ustream link above

Sat 08:53 AM

i got in trouble for calling it a port though and can never do so again

Sat 08:50 AM

the integrated strategy guide and commentary are seriously cool.

Sat 08:49 AM

im told deus ex is the premire version of the game(including pc)  and i believe it. well besides the pc part

Sat 07:40 AM

deus ex is playable on wii u here

Sat 07:38 AM

just checked out kingdom hearts 1.5 hd. game looks beautiful

Sat 07:26 AM

are square and deel silver buddy buddies? their  booths run together and their media rooms are split

Sat 07:24 AM

just talked with ted price. interview to follow in a few days

Fri 06:28 PM

That’s it for tonight folks. Thanks for reading and tune in for more tomorrow!

Fri 03:34 PM

why is media room wifi always so pathetic. i mean come on a storebought linyks router for hundred of people. how am i supposed to watch archer on that?!

Fri 03:33 PM

exhibitor mixer is like hell. Dead, quiet,  no riff raff or lines….yet every game is shut down.

Fri 03:31 PM

ugh if i see one more mass effecct shepard hoodie patch or shirt im going to literally die. #hot topic #sheep

Fri 02:13 PM

spartacus es no bueno. es shovelware…io. Although can shovelware be digital downloads?

Fri 02:12 PM

new call of juarez was fun. I like the cartoony style and incorporation of real wild west themes. funny that developers i talked with are german

Fri 02:09 PM

sitting in press room waiting to get back on the show floor for exhibitor mixer

Fri 02:09 PM

sacred citadel is a fun beat em up but run of the mill

Fri 12:13 PM

but underwater sequences look rad

Fri 12:10 PM

looks like it reuses a ton of assets from aciii tho.

Fri 12:10 PM

blackflag looks to  be a pirate fans dream come true

Fri 11:50 AM

black flag time

Fri 11:50 AM

watch dogs looks great as usual. no important nee footage tho. gamr must still be deep in dev

Fri 11:31 AM

watchdogs time

Fri 11:30 AM

and mechsGu .


Fri 10:27 AM

saints row iv has dubstep guns

Fri 08:58 AM

on my way to saints row 4. stupid free capcom t shirt lines holding me up

Fri 08:52 AM

15$ wii u psn xbla

Fri 08:50 AM

new area — scrooge’s money bin

Fri 08:49 AM

authentic disney voicework. remastered soundtrack from original songs.

Fri 08:48 AM

coming summer 2013. hd remaster. Wii u 360 Psn. tim schaffer involved

Fri 08:46 AM

Capckm doing Ducktails

Fri 08:44 AM

. wii u versikn has touch screen enhancements

Fri 08:38 AM

xbla and psn game

Fri 08:38 AM

Capcom foing Dungeons and dragons beat em up in june called chronicles of the mystara

Fri 08:21 AM

lost planet 3 seemed like more lost planet but dug the story

Fri 08:20 AM

love story and setting. only thing im not sold on is combat

Fri 08:18 AM

played Remember Me. looking pretty good

Fri 08:09 AM

we’ll be livestreaming live from PAX on and off the next three days. head over here to watch

Fri 08:02 AM

front row baby

Fri 08:00 AM

At World of Capcom Panel