Sega Teams with BBC Earth to Open Virtual Zoo ‘Orbi’

While some dreamers were hoping that Sega’s long-trademarked but unrevealed “Orbi” would be a new console, what it’s been revealed to be might be even more astounding. Partnering with BBC Earth, who’s captured some amazing nature footage in series like Planet Earth, Orbi will be a virtual zoo. Due to open August 19 in Yokohama Japan, Orbi will be a large indoor center that features multiple exhibits focusing on different parts of the world and their animals. In a concept video seen below, it seems that most of the exhibits are interactive and will allow visitors to see animals charging at them in 3D or break ice with a family of Emperor Penguins.

Nothing like this has ever been attempted and some of the footage looks truly spectacular. Only time will tell how it transfers to a real world experience, and with a opening date just three months away, we can only assume much of this is already being implemented. Imagine Sega ow

With the red tape around acquiring animals getting thicker, Sega has a shot at operating the zoos of the future. Imagine that.

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    That is really cool and ambitious! If Sega ends up having a thriving virtual tourism business in the future, that would be amazing – but it wouldn’t be the first time a game publisher was successful elsewhere. Good ole “Service Games” here did a lot long before they began making video games, after all! 🙂

    I would love to see SEGA become a big player on the Oculus Rift and Morpheus after those are released. Again, not even for games so much. Just all the OTHER applications for that thing. Again, virtual tourism should be huge for VR. It would be cool to put on a Rift and visit Orbi here, y’know?

    One question though; why does the video say, “August 19th, 2013” at the end there?