E3 2013 Liveblog

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Thu 04:19 PM

Watch dogs looks so fun

Thu 09:58 AM

Just had to fake my way knowing how to play Rome Ii for 20 minutes. I need to verse myself in rtses — Steve

Thu 09:22 AM

I really dig Sonic Lost World.

Wed 07:06 PM


Wed 04:59 PM

Apologies for the lack of liveblogging today — 4G was largely down on the showfloor. We’ll post a bunch of quick updates and pics tonight!

Tue 06:53 PM

5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Tue 02:46 PM

Time for forza

Tue 02:36 PM

NFS is a lot of fun

Tue 02:35 PM

Plants vs Zombies looks so cute. About the same live demo as e3 presser though

Tue 02:26 PM



Tue 02:25 PM


Tue 12:26 PM

The way they are staggering media for castlevania is ridiculous

Tue 12:06 PM

For such a big booth, Konami aint showing much

Tue 12:05 PM

In line for castlevania now

Tue 12:05 PM

Mgsv is not playable and they are just showing the m$ trailer. Womp womp

Tue 11:54 AM

Thief was interesting. Slow, but interesting.


Tue 11:23 AM

Time for thief

Tue 08:21 AM

Beck: Good morning everyone! Today’s a big day!

Mon 10:08 AM

Opinion from Beck: Xbox One costs too much

Mon 10:05 AM

Titanfall looks cool…coming 2014.

Mon 09:56 AM

Xbox One in November….0.

Mon 09:54 AM

Seems like a Halo reboot.

Mon 09:50 AM

Didn’t see a ton of ‘Below’  but it looks neat.

Mon 09:43 AM

Wow, this is a technical disaster.

Mon 09:37 AM

D3ad Rising Xbox One Exclusive — looks great.

Mon 09:30 AM

LOL. Not sure if there was sound for Crimson Dragon on the stream, but totally silent here. People were making dragon noises.

Mon 09:29 AM

No more Microsoft Points…all real world dollars.

Mon 09:25 AM

Smartglass just doesn’t interest me — Steve

Mon 09:22 AM

Project Spark looks interesting

Mon 09:17 AM


Mon 09:04 AM

Looks like a ton of fun

Mon 09:02 AM

Insomniac doing Sunset Overdrive.

Mon 09:02 AM

OMG. My hero, Ted Price.

Mon 09:02 AM

HOLY $#!^ Killer Instinct Xbox One Exclusive. Room exploded.

Mon 09:01 AM

Xbox One Exclusive confirmed

Mon 09:00 AM

Ryse looks pretty cool and graphically strong.

Mon 08:54 AM

Ryse Son of Rome announced…they’re gonna demo it

Mon 08:52 AM

God the bass in here must be right behind us. I can feel my hair vibrating

Mon 08:52 AM

Dark Souls II looks fantastic

Mon 08:50 AM

Max the Curse of Brotherhood Announced. Looks…?

Mon 08:46 AM

World of Tanks coming to Xbox 360. Good for you, Wargaming.

Mon 08:45 AM

Microsoft doing its own Playstation Plus, eh!? Halo 3 and ACII for free for Gold Members.

Mon 08:44 AM

Redesigned Xbox 360 announced…available today.

Mon 08:43 AM

Telepromoter is in plain view and 5 seconds ahead of speakers. I feel like watching that instead…

Mon 08:42 AM

Metal Gear Solid V is looking awesome…and here comes Kojima!

Mon 08:35 AM

Great music before press confernece: Tame Impala, Surfer Blood, Crystal Fighters, etc…

Mon 08:33 AM

ALMOST a full house. Impressive turnout.

Mon 08:17 AM

Xbox One’s release month will be November, according to the Spike pre-show.

Mon 08:14 AM

Mon 08:13 AM

Kinect Sports Rivals coming at Xbox One launch

Mon 08:13 AM

Somehow it feels fitting for Zumba Fitness World Party to be my first E3 story

Mon 08:08 AM

Flashback, TMNT: Out of the Shell, Charlie Murder, and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons coming for the Summer of Arcade.

Mon 08:07 AM

Killer Instinct is being teased on the Spike E3 pre-show coverage.

Mon 07:54 AM

Sitting at XBOX Press Conference. Good turnout, might not be a full house.

Mon 06:41 AM

Morning everyone! We’re heading to Microsoft’s presser now

Sun 06:10 PM

Just a day away now. Somebody give me a Konami Code because I’m going to die of excitement at this rate.