Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 29: E3 Wrap-Up

In the first show since the crew’s been back from LA, we talk about the impending release of Ride to Hell: Retribution. And that’s how it is.

OK fine, if that’s not enough, how about an episode chock full of E3 talk, with hands-on impressions and discussions about our favorite games of the show, all raw and unfiltered. Better still, we go over some of our favorite personal stories and anecdotes about various run-ins, many of which we probably shouldn’t have talked about. So, snag this episode before we get angry e-mails telling us to remove it.

And of course, as this is a gaming podcast, there’s also plenty of spouting off on the reversal of Xbox One’s DRM and online-only policies to be heard. It even gets insightful. Maybe.

As always, send your questions in to mailbag AT hardcoregamer DOT com to get them answered live on the show.


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(Intro song: !!! — Californyeah)