The Indie vs AAA Debate

It seems like most people that you might consider “gamers” always have to find something irrational to hate; whether it be popular franchises that make ridiculous amounts of money, specific people or entire publishers. I assume this is mostly coming up because of the rise of social media. Popular bloggers chastise something, fans of those popular bloggers agree without even thinking, all of those fans go to YouTube and complain, then some poor soul (me) who actually reads YouTube comments feels like saying “No sir! you’re incorrect!” but decides to keep quite for the sake of his own sanity. It’s a vicious cycle, but it’s one the internet goes through on a minute-by-minute basis. And it’s a cycle that video games are often involved in to some extent.

An example of this that I’ve been thinking about the most lately is the “Indie vs AAA” debate. The very idea of this debate existing sort of baffles me, but the fact that it is an ever-raging debate bugs me to no end. Whether the comment is “I don’t like indie games” or “Big Budget AAA games suck!”, it all just seems like unnecessary banter. Games are completely individual pieces of media…aren’t they?

I, of course, know that bad games exist, but the sort of ignorant generalization of “AAA” and “Indie Games” is what drives me crazy.

It’s like people don’t know that most every indie and AAA game is different and unique. It’s sort of like deciding that you don’t like tuna or tomatoes and then telling people about how you hate food as a whole, even though you know full well you love roast beef and clam chowder. You’re calling out an entire category of something and are somehow completely oblivious to it.

What I’m trying to say is: if you don’t like Minecraft, that’s all well and fine. Don’t like the business decisions a major company makes? That’s fine too. It’s when people decide to damn “indie games” or “AAA games” as a whole that gets me all uppity. Can’t we all just group together in a neat little circle, agree that video games are fun and individual, and sing kumbaya until the sun goes down?

  • Jbumi

    It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t bother to comment online most of the time. Idiocracy (love that movie!) rules the internet. I feel variety is the spice of life & enjoy both indie & AAA games.

    Sadly, it seems many people love to hate – they can only elevate their self-worth by diminishing others. This applies to life in general, not just gaming. Until we learn to respect the opinions of others (we don’t have to agree – just allow that their opinion is valid as well) (this is also assuming the thoughts are not hateful or harmful to others) we’ll never mature as a species.