Action Arcade Wrestling 2 Coming to Xbox 360 on Monday

Between Wrestling Revolution hitting the OUYA on Friday and AAW 2 hitting the Xbox 360 Indie Game Marketplace on Monday, it’s a great time for wrestling game fans seeking something a bit different from the Yuke’s-developed norm. The original game was quite rough around the edges, but AAW 2 looks to smooth a lot of them out and features something no other console wrestling game has had – the ability to craft a character from scratch on your computer. Come Monday, you’ll be able to convert that data into something 360-compatible and play as either an original character or someone influenced by real-life wrestlers.

This creation tool also works for arenas, so if you’d like to see some legendary arena setups, either give it a shot yourself or hope someone makes it. Move animations have gone from looking iffy to being smooth, with some being far better-looking than ones shown in retail releases. Even pre-release footage shows off some impressive stuff, such as 10 man tags, being able to do a superplex as one partner, then have the partner do a splash into a pinfall. Flaming tables and crazy dives off the top rope to the floor and off the top of a cage are also in, and look great. If AAW 2 is able to feature a smoother-playing experience that lives up to the animation overhaul, fans of pro wrestling will have something new to sink their teeth into for quite some time. AAW 2 will be released for 240 MS points ($3 USD.)

  • inplainview

    The mechanics, and graphics, look almost exactly like WCW vs NWO World Tour. Which is a good thing. Well maybe not so much the graphics, but that is forgivable so long as the rest of the game is buttoned up well, which it seems like it is.