Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 34: Resident Aqua

Steve, Jeremy and Beck have a podcast so wild that we almost branded it as part of our “After Dark” series. There’s talk about why Aussies are OK with anal probing and not alien drug dealing, whether Breath of Fire VI is a good thing (spoiler: it’s not) and more. There’s a surprise reminiscing session about Steve and Beck’s past as voice actors and how much contempt is still there for a machinima that shall not be named.

With the game now out, Steve is also able to finally talk about Pikmin 3 uninhibited (which most people are probably sick of hearing about), Beck talks about how Stealth Inc. didn’t quite grab him and that we’ve now lost him to Skyrim. Who told him it existed!?

As always, send your questions in to mailbag AT hardcoregamer DOT com to get them answered live on the show.


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(Intro song: Lorde – Million Dollar Bills, Outro: Chage & Aska – Something There)

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  • JPeeples

    Sacred Citadel was the Steam/XBLA brawler I couldn’t remember at the 53 minute mark.