Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 35: High School Boys

Bradly joins in on the fun with Steve, Jeremy and Beck and it gets pretty weird. We won’t say exactly how or why (we don’t print smut), but suffice to say, it does. Before that, however, there’s plenty of gaming talk. What kind of gaming talk you ask? How about impressions on the Wonderful 101 demo? Not enough, you say? “I’ve played that myself,” you say? How about figuring out our favorite Platinum Games release? Yeah, thought that would do it.

More than that, we talk about GameStop’s practice of seemingly selling used games as new to jack up the prices, if Titanfall could be the next hot multiplayer game, what is the meaning of the Jager in the Black Ops II teaser and the status of the Tales series.

As always, send your questions in to mailbag AT hardcoregamer DOT com to get them answered live on the show.


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(Intro song: Holy Ghost! – Teenagers in Heat, Outro: Yoann Turpin – This is No Game !!!)

  • inplainview

    I have been mentally scarred by Bradly, but not as much as Steve I’m sure. Though, he did want to make it his phones background.

  • Well, taint that quick way to scar the audience.

  • Jbumi

    You should have named this week’s cast “High School Boys – Tainted Love”!!

  • i have home alone for game gear