Nintendo Quashes Fan Made Metroid Movie On Kickstarter

Recently, some buzz was generated by plans for a fan made Metroid movie after the project was launched on Kickstarter. While it was still early in the funding period, they were well on their way towards meeting their goal. Unfortunately for those excited by this project, grumpy old bully Nintendo stopped by today and kicked over the kid’s sandcastle with their DMCA notice. Apparently Metroid and Samus Aran are “copywrties” Nintendo “owns” and this movie was “infringing material” that violated these copywrites. Who would’ve guessed you couldn’t just use other people’s characters and trademarked intellectual property and do your own thing with it?

…oh, everyone. That’s right, everyone should know that because it is clearly illegal. I don’t know how many of these Kickstarter projects I’ve seen where someone is going to make the next Chrono Trigger game or Metroid movie or Mario toilet made to look like a warp pipe and they haven’t bothered to secure the necessary rights from the company that owns them. Here’s a pro-tip for all you aspiring Kickstarters out there: if you’re starting a project, make sure you have the legal right to do so before you try to get funding.

Also, no one try to steal my idea for a warp pipe toilet. I’m putting up the Kickstarter page tomorrow.

  • James

    Pretty much. The only way to make something like this is under the radar and release when done. You lose the community involvement and any possibility of funding but gain the ability to actually complete the thing you want to make without getting kicked in the face by lawyers. Once it’s done the inevitable C&D is far too late to have any effect.

  • Well James beat me to it. Doh.

    Uh, silly kickstarters. Why you seek funds so obviously? /”y u no” meme

  • as long as paris hilton is not in the movie i’d be fine with anybody making it

  • Whoah, now that I’d Kickstart.