Renegade Kid Proposes to Create 3DS Version of Mighty No. 9

When a Kickstarter brings in nearly a million dollars in 48 hours, the industry takes notice. Renegade Kid Co-Founder and Director, Jools Watsham, hasĀ publicly reached out to the Mighty No. 9 team, offering to bring the Mega Man spiritual successor to the Nintendo 3DS, stating “we’ll be happy to work with you to create a 3DS version of Mighty No. 9.”

The Mighty No. 9 Twitter did respond, stating “wow, thanks very much for reaching out — I will make sure this info gets to the team! :D” Renegade Kid is known for developing handheld titles such as Dementium: The Ward, Moon and perhaps their most known game, Mutant Mudds. No word yet if they’ll accept the offer, as there’s likely plenty of other sharks circling the blood of a successful Kickstarter in the water, but Renegade Kid certainly does know their way around a Nintendo handheld.

  • ErixSan

    Well, a 3DS version would be awesome, but I think a HD PC version would be better…
    Maybe I will get the two versions.

  • Nico894

    Comcept added a 3DS/Vita stretch goal, not sure who will handle porting duties if they reach it.