SNK Terminates License Agreement With Tommo, Neo Geo X Production Ceased

After the mixed reception of the Neo Geo X and its ensuing discounts, the future didn’t look bright for the handheld. Months later, however, an expansion pack of games and firmware update that remedies the most glaring issues was surprisingly released and it suddenly had potential again. Since then, unfortunately, no new updates were revealed about the handheld and its future again seemed uncertain. As of October 2, SNK has officially terminated its license agreement with Tommo.

This includes the console itself, the Mega Pack and all of the standalone Classics volume releases. SNK has demanded that Tommo immediately cease any and all manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promotion and selling of the licensed products. Additionally, the Arcade Stick must be immediately removed from store shelves and online retailers.

No word has been given on why the license agreement was terminated. At the time of writing, all of the products are still for sale at Amazon. It’s unfortunate that a once-promising device has met such an untimely demise and that owners won’t see the release of the rest of the Neo Geo X library. At least it will turn into a video game console oddity and because of the nature of its discontinuation, could even see a collector’s market one day.

We’ve reached out to Tommo for comment on the matter.

  • JPeeples

    This is definitely a huge surprise, and could very well lead to at least a short-term surge in prices for the unit. The stick itself is probably the most valuable piece of hardware included given that the system itself is quite flawed, but the stick is incredible.

  • Bradly Hale

    This is not particularly surprsing, though it’s disappointing nevertheless.