Soda Drinker Pro Gets A Full Release To The Excitement of No One

A few months ago, I accidentally ran over Steve’s cat and as punishment, he forced me to review Soda Drinker Pro. It was the worst five minutes of my life, and that includes the time I accidentally ran over a friend’s cat. It left me incapable of smiling for a full month until I forced a friend to play the game. It is the video game version of The Ring, only more frightening. In this “game” you drink soda. That’s it. You drink it on the beach or a cave or alone in your house, sobbing to yourself as your life slowly ebbs away. It was awful and I felt bad even letting other people know that this existed.

Unfortunately, this has proven to be a joke that just won’t die, and Soda Drinker Pro has now got a full release. That’s right. One hundred full levels of soda drinking hell. Even more bizarre, they expect you to pay five dollars for the experience. Even at free I thought the game was overpriced, so charging $5 basically constitutes a crime. If you are particularly masochistic, you can follow the link here and download the game. Let me reiterate again though: don’t get this. Your life will be better for it.

  • Darklurkr23

    You ran over his cat? That’ s horrible! Did it live?

    I know if you were my friend and did that you would’ve had to pay for the funeral, new cat, medical, and all the whole bag. And then I wouldn’t talk to you again

    That hardly seems a punishment (>>)

  • JessicaaGoldBurst

    “To the excitement of no one”

    Nice to see I’m nobody to you! Jeez!

  • stryk187

    What is the point of this? Was the developer just trying to teach himself code, or game creation? And who in the hell would actually PAY for this!? I just don’t understand, is it some game dev “in joke” that I just don’t get?

  • Nikola Suprak

    The original title was “To the excitement of JessicaaGoldBurst” but Steve thought my reference was too esoteric and prophetic.

    And Steve’s cat fully recovered, mostly because I made up the accident and he’s imaginary.