E3 2014: The Last Guardian Exists, But Isn’t Ready

A long while ago, almost too long ago to remember, The Last Guardian was announced. Unfortunately the game, which had the potential to showcase the PlayStation 3’s power long before The Last of Us blew us away, was delayed. Then, it was delayed again. And again — and, well, you get the picture. Now, The Last Guardian — Sony’s white whale — has been floating into the news-sphere once again, and surprisingly not in the form of a long anticipated cancellation.

During the hubbub of E3, Scott Rohde, head of PlayStation product development spoke to GameSpot about the long awaited title, and explained its absence from Sony’s press conference lineup.

“At PlayStation, it’s really important to us to make sure that the creative process works. And in this case, Fumito Ueda has created something that’s great, it’s just going to need some time. We’ll show it when it’s ready.”

Rhode refused to comment on whether the game would be coming to the PlayStation 4, but it’s hard to imagine Sony releasing the title  — if ever — on their last-gen console, especially with the growing number of PS4’s moving into gamer’s homes. While we’re eagerly awaiting information, there’s a part of us that stopped caring some time ago.

How about you? Tell us whether you still care about The Last Guardian in the comments below.

  • Gary Spaugh

    Yes! this game has been long awaited by myself and people all over! If anyone remembers Shadow of the Colossus and Ico, you know that this game is going to be fantastic when it does come out, if it ever does. I just don’t understand why it hasn’t come out yet. I want this game to come out more than any game I’ve anticipated on. If this game doesn’t come out, a lot of fans are going to be disappointed in Sony and of course, Team Ico.