Dead Island 2 is the First Video Game Ever to Mo-Cap Cats

Dead Island 2 arrived in a big way this E3. Not only did we not see its release coming, but it debuted with one of the most clever trailers in recent memory. During the show, we were presented with an exclusive presentation of the game (preview forthcoming) and while there was plenty to draw our attention, nothing quite did like this little fact. Dead Island 2 is the first video game to motion capture live cats. Yes, Onimusha did it with horses, Call of Duty: Ghosts did it with dogs and now Dead Island 2 will give the same treatment to felines.

The decision to go through the trouble of stuffing a cat into a motion capture suit is the result of one having a major role in the game. Players will be guided by a man named Max, a former loser who decided to get off the couch after the zombie outbreak and cruise around California in a van supporting the immune and killing zombies. He’s joined by his very grumpy cat, Rick Furry, every step of the way.

So now we have horses, dogs and cats in video games. Logically, we need fishes. Seaman 3, we’re looking at you.

  • bigshynepo

    How about a snake motion capture for a boss battle? I just got bit by my new milksnake and it happened so fast, I couldn’t even react. This is the kind of challenge the next Souls game needs, 60FPS snake strikes!

  • andy

    And if you are a skilled animator, then you don’t need to mocap such mundane things. Doesn’t say a lot for the team at Yager.

    • Stephen Hunt

      And your going to complain abut them taking a huge step by mo-capping them? We’ve seen how great mo-capping can be, and it would just take it a step further in being realistic by mocapping the aninals