PS Vita No Longer Available at Major Retailers

Not only was the PS Vita almost completely absent from Sony’s E3 showing, but now seems to be absent from major U.S. retailers as well. All of the Vita models and packages — even the recently released Borderlands 2 bundle that included the new model — are no longer available directly from Amazon, GameStop, Walmart or Target. Physical stores also seem to be out of the handheld, as searches for stock and calls to local outlets came up with zero results.

GameStop has a Borderlands bundle with an accessory and PS Plus voucher for pre-order, but it won’t be in stock until August.

At the moment, it’s unclear why stocks have diminished across the board; whether retailers are choosing to no longer stock the handhelds, have sold out, or if Sony has not been replenishing stocks. We’ve reached out to Sony for comment and will update the article with any applicable information.

  • nonscpo

    I know I’ll be called an optimist for writing this, however its incredibly difficult to believe that a major recall or that all the retailers have decided to completely remove stock without some kind of warning sign or for rumors to not have circulated on neogaf or redditt. As hard as it is for me to believe, maybe they really are out of stock. Earlier their were rumors that the Borderland Bundle actually sold well. So anybody else have any thoughts or opinions?

    • DanijoEX ♬ the Space Owl

      I think it’s a matter of increased demand and shortage problems. If it was a major recall by major retailers…I’d say all hell would break loose. Worst case scenario there.

      • Fronkhead

        If Vita sold 10,000 for the entirety of March in America (see: where Rob Fahey infers that “stores stocking the Vita are selling less than two consoles a month” and that “In many retail stores across America, a Vita probably hasn’t been sold in the past month at all”), I wouldn’t pin it on demand and/or supply, especially as there would likely be more Vitas out there following Vita-2000’s launch. Given low hardware sales, it wouldn’t be out of the question to expect low software sales either at retail, particularly as the majority of Vita software purchases are made at the PS Store.

        It’s probably retailers seeing Vita-2000 perform unsatisfactorily and not wanting to allocate shelf space/warehouse space towards it when they could use it for, say, PS4s. The same thing happened to the struggling GameCube in Europe (GameCube performed far better in North America, the opposite situation to how Vita’s doing four times the sales in Europe) as mentioned here:

        It is strange that retailers have quietly dropped the system, though I’d imagine this benefits Sony more than anything else: to publicly announce it would be bad PR.

        • Robert Kupper

          Its more likely the fact that while the system was not selling well, the borderlands bundle sold well and generated some hype I guess. The week the bundle launched, borderlands 2 for vita was the second highest selling game. The vita saw a 2,900% rise in sales over the previous week to a respectable 35,026. The turn around is probably why they are out of stock. Sales quickly dropped off after the bundle but have remained higher than before. While E3 kind of ignored it, the vita ha some titles in the pipeline that were recently announced.

          Sales have been better in japan, where this week the vita sold more than anything but the 3DS.

          I think the issue is that the vita was failing financially (I use mine a lot, but yeah, not everyone wants one or has reason to get one) and kind of turned around, which no one expected.

        • novurdim

          you are way too pessimistic, b2 bundle did sell surprisingly well and sony (being sony) simply didn’t restock it in time with “clean” 2000-version.

    • miyamoto

      PS TV has something to do with this…

      • Fronkhead

        Interesting, cheers for sharing that link!

    • Shabaka James

      I really just real as if they are preparing to launch of the PS vita slim and in order to save more money they stopped the production of the original PS vita.

    • android138

      wow really. you really think the unbiased gaming media (sarcasm) is going to cover this. go look at all the nintendo doom articles and compare it to articles surrounding the vita. its obvious if you read the articles, the vita articles are optimistic and promising in favor of the vita. but nintendo is doomed and have lost touch with gamers. the gaming media is biased as ever. its very disheartening.

  • CCM

    It’s likely more of a shipping shortage issue. The Vita has had a slow start. Due to that, Sony’s production levels for Vita were probably fairly low at the factory. However with more PS4 owners wanting a Vita for remote play, the redesigned, slimmer model recently being released, etc, demand has probably increased.

    I would expect those retailers to get more shipments within a month or so.

  • Frdjck

    They are maybe shifting the vita production to Playstation Tv at the moment to be ready for the fall release. That plus Borderland 2 selling more than they thought could explain the current shortage. FYI there don’t seem to be a shortage in Canada at the moment.

    • miyamoto

      Yup tried my darn best yesterday looking at walmart, Target, Best Buy, no cigar may be I’ll try Future Shop tomorrow.

    • nonscpo

      It could also be possible that Sony is recalling the VITA’s to allocate shelf space for Playstation TV. We have to remember that the Vita doesn’t have the same amount of shelfspace the 3DS has.

  • Budgiecat


  • Tyler T

    Just bought a ps vita, and I’ve gotta say its hands down the best handheld I have. I own a 3ds xl too, but its no comparison to the vita. Plenty of games to choose from and looks beautiful. Its just those darn extremely overpriced memory cards/ being as expensive as it is, that I’m sure isn’t helping sales. Its a shame its not doing too well, it really is an awesome hand held. Hoping things pick up a bit for it soon. In this case though, I do believe its just a shortage or something related to that, this is a bit sensationalist I think.

    • Anon

      If they would just remove the proprietary memory cards, I would buy one. That is the only reason I haven’t bought a Vita.

  • Jake


  • gimmegimmekevin

    The stores in my area got replenished a few times. I think its more of a case that Sony didn’t ship that many after the re-model. It makes no sense for them to ship the new model and then quit. They’d at least milk the 2000 model through Xmas, then quit if that’s what they’re gonna do

  • brianc6234

    It looks like everyone is selling out. That’s the story other sites reported at least. I doubt they all dumped the Vita.

  • Stryker_X20

    You sure you guys aren’t delusional? Because from several online retailers I’ve seen there seems to be tons of PS Vita searches.

  • Jessika S.

    I just checked and it is available at Target, Amazon and Gamestop websites they are also available in store at Gamestop and Target as for the recently release Borderlands 2 bundle I call bull Sh*t on you sir because it’s not out yet it’s going to be released on August 8th. Do some research…..

  • jpop

    This site is so anti sony– i dont think ive read a single article on this site that gives any positive light on sony–secondly a tight supply doesn’t me that retailers are getting rid of vita– ive been to several different stores and their was no signs of diminished stock nor any clearances— you are a pathetic excuse for a journalist if you can even be called that with so much bias– so play your spybox 180 and be happy that ms can no longer screw you in the butt

  • bf313

    I’d say this points to the fact that the new slim model is selling well, not doom and gloom. I got the last Borderlands 2 Bundle that my Gamestop had in stock the day it released.

    • Daniel Rossevelt

      I as well bought the last in stock Borderlands 2 bundle from Target, so hopefully it means that it is selling better.

  • Gust

    I am still planning to purchase a vita. I hope this is temporary

  • Jason D Barna

    Back last year when i use to work in the electronics department at a walmart here in PA we didn’t have any Vita’s for well over 6 months. Planogram kept the system in place ,but Sony wasn’t shipping it even though orders were placed. Sounds like the same thing once again

  • doom guy

    Vita may not be selling in western markets. But in Asia [particularly Japan, HK] it’s selling quite well.

  • Bliss Seeker

    Perhaps they’re getting rid of stand alone Vitas to make room for the Borderlands bundle and future bundles?
    Regardless, I’m sure Gamescon will answer all our questions.

    • wombat

      Borderlands bundle is a limited edition, probably not coming back.

  • Howard Katz

    The VITA 2….oh shit.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    this article might be wrong.
    Sony can’t keep up with demand for the Vita in North America

  • Guest

    Byebye PauperStation Vita (death not life). $0N¥’s portable gaming half is already dead.
    Now the rest will follow as they are already a dying and increasingly irrelevant company.

  • TheDaddy
  • James Donahue

    All I have to say that what I paid for $300 back in February of 2012 for, ended up as a 300 dollar paperweight. Perhaps if Sony used SD cards and provide more 1st party games for this thing, then this situation would not have happened.
    It’s a shame that Sony did the fatal mistake on now using this Vita as solely a PS4 accessory or PSN Now streaming device, or just a device coming out with stupid iPad-like games. That, on top of the expensive proprietary cards that have killed the system. It’s just shameful how Sony wasted a device with a lot of potential.
    Yes, Nintendo is planning on using the 3DS as a companion towards the Wii U, but at the same time, Nintendo is still pumping first party gems for the unit. That’s why the 3DS is doing well today. Yes, the 3DS had a rocky start, but Nintendo corrected the mistakes. Sony hasn’t, and that’s why the Vita is flopping now.

  • android138

    everyone that thinks the vita sold out are reaching a bit. sony said they are no longer supporting it with first party games. its dead. how long for fanboys to realize this may take a bit longer.susks but it has to be said.