EA Charging $4.99 for Demos on Xbox One

Have you ever looked at a game and thought “Boy, I’d sure love to try that game before I buy it, but I still want to pay my dues.” Well thanks to EA, now you can! The demo for FIFA 14 and EA Sports UFC are currently $4.99 on Xbox One. That’s right — they’re charging for demos. Now, the demos for these games were originally free, which makes this situation quite odd. While it could easily be a simple pricing error, it does seem questionable for a pricing error to occur on something that doesn’t usually have a price — let alone two separate ones. Especially given that the price tag is $4.99 and not $59.99 or something less random.

Hopefully this ends up being a holiday weekend pricing error and not a new trend. We’ll follow the story and update you as applicable.

Here’s screenshots of the Xbox Marketplace reflecting the pricing structure:


[UPDATE 7/4 11:30 AM PST] Both the UFC Sports and FIFA 14 demos have again reverted to being free on the Xbox One Marketplace.

  • Mitch

    Even for EA this is an unexpected low.

    • Bliss Seeker

      Not really

    • AcidPanda

      $B is love, $B is life

  • Humphprey

    Obviously an error.

  • PCGamerSince1987

    This has to be an error. I mean, if it isn’t then. I dunno what to say.

  • said_nobody

    “Maybe they are going to use the money to fix their games”

  • Im_On_a_Drug_Called_Charlie_Sh

    Typical Microsoft.

    • HowBoutNerrr

      Microsoft doesn’t set the prices of games on the marketplace, you dumb f***. That’s up to the publisher. The ONLY time they set a price is if they published the game.

      • Master

        Bitch M$ might be involved in the past Valve Released a free DLC for Left 4 Dead 2 but Microsoft charged 7$ for it anyway they refused to let people download it for free on xbox360. now GTFO

      • CCM

        While that is true, individual publishers don’t publish the stuff to the store by themselves, they all submit their content & price lists to Xbox Live, then Microsoft’s own Xbox Live team in charge of updating/maintaining the store approves/publishes it. So there is still room for “Human Error” as far as accidentally charging for demos is concerned.

        • DAS692

          Lol I find it funny how no one has 1-up’ed your comment when it’s the only one that makes a valid point. I swear man. People are idiots.

        • Jason St.John

          What’s strange is the price. It’s about what is expect them to charge for a demo

      • Jason St.John

        I think ms has a word to say about wether they would allow demos to have a price on thier marketplace or not.

    • Flex360


    • Humphprey

      Typical that you was wrong in the end but didn’t come back and post that fact.


    I am no longer buying EA games, I will not support this company in anyway.

    • I stopped the day they used the name “GoldenEye” in the name of a title JUST to rip off the original Rare masterpiece, EA don’t care about game design or development, just cold hard $$$$’s. If they ever do go under, ( would be a dream come true), the whole industry would be in a better place.


        I agree it would be a most excellent day… a lot of people would be worried about not playing one of the big name games but they should not worry about it at all anything that has a name their will be bought up and made ten times better by much better developers…

        Sure hope they go bust… I would be one of the best days for gamers…

        • jangelelcangry

          I wonder why they didn’t use free radical to make goldeneye sequel. come on time splitters looks like an obvious ultra upgraded goldeneye game with upgraded graphics or perfect dark with time machines. that’s where the most important rare employees were working.

          • FAT MAN GO BOOM

            yeah it was sad… the bulk of the team did go to Free Radical and they had made some okay games with time splitters but I think if they had more time and funding like they did at nintendo we would have seen a good sequel.
            But Rixmat is right. EA saw a quick cash in on the name and pulled the trigger on it…

            Even though the game flopped they still made money off it…

  • Alireza Sabahi

    this is mgs gz effect

    • ilovegoogleglass


  • Nafeys

    Are they that money hungry LOL

  • phar0ahad3

    Try that shit on playstation and watch we will gut your fucking eyes out but on microsoft everything flies as long as they can talk to hardcore gamers online and say hey we will switch some features to be more like playstation and keep doing shit like this in the backend to all those casuals on xbox and rake in tons of bucks even thou ps4 is selling more and ps4 is preffered right now i garuntee you xbox has made more bank this gen than any console just how they do every gen makes you think they have money why dont they take risks instead of gamers always paying them smh they would never do what sony did with the ps3 and thats why sony will always be king they took a 300-400 $ lost with every ps3 sold

    • HowBoutNerrr

      …it was due to a system error. So, I think it’s time you move on to better things…like a large, convoluted one-sentence paragraph on resolution discrepancies.

      • phar0ahad3

        A system error that puts appropriate pricing for demos wow never heard of than one before lmao

        • HowBoutNerrr

          Appropriate prices? It’s been confirmed it was an error, look it up on your own time.

          • phar0ahad3

            Who Cares maybe they were just testing the waters seems to accurate for just a mistake

    • derpburp

      And another horrible pimple on the back of Sony erupts spewing it’s puss filled hatred everywhere.

    • Ricoh123

      How did that $100 car dlc for ONE car work out for you in GT6 ??

    • Jesus Christ in a taxi cab, man.

      I will pay you $4.99 if you can actually use punctuation in a sentence. Baby steps. We’ll worry about the terrible spelling after that.

  • Ron Schwab

    Actually Playstation Now will start charging for Demos as well. I think its low blow and I am getting fed up with all these stupid little addon charges. The reason for a demo is to get you to buy the game. Not rent it to us the version you can play for an hour. Such bullshit. Now EA is testing is testing it out on Xbox One. So LAME. Now I will not buy those games.

    • HowBoutNerrr

      Highly doubtful. Besides, Polygon just confirmed the $5.00 fee for the demos was due to a system error. Expect EA to drain you of your savings in other ways, though.

    • Spencer

      PS Now is not charging for demos…

  • Aiddon

    probably just a system error (a very WEIRD one at that). Still, the fact that people thought this wasn’t out of the realm of possibility means that EA still has a ways to go to clean up their image.

  • KillerBee

    this is a mike tyson right hook to the face to us gamers, never will i pay for a demo. Ea can kiss my ass, as a matter fact. i might stop buying their games period

  • Titto

    Well they probably figured If Xbotz are dumb enough to pay more ( now the same with Kinectless Xbones) for weaker hardware and believe in stories like The Cloud, Direct X12, their dumb enough to pay for demos too.

  • Ricoh123

    Mine were and still are free here in the UK.

  • Very obviously a glitch. Why even report on this?

  • Dirkster_Dude

    If it is some new idea from EA then someone got it wrong. Someone might pay for a full game, but paying for part of a game then having to pay full price on top of that when the full game comes out? It’s like renting a movie and only being able to see the first 15 minutes of a 2 hour show whereas a demo is more like a trailer. Paying to see if you want to pay to see the full movie is just stupid. There will be fewer people trying out EA demos and possibly fewer people buying EA games.

  • CCM

    Honestly even though this was a legitimate mistake, the way the industry is going, I wouldn’t be shocked if publishers do start charging for demos. That or demos will disappear altogether and paid “Trials” will become the norm. Where you pay to unlock the full game for 1 hour and if you want to keep playing you just purchase the game digitally. I’ve already noticed a downward trend this gen compared to last gen so far as far as the amount of demos goes.

  • brenro

    EA and Xbone. Two things I avoid.

  • Jessika S.

    Must be a mistake because I downloaded the UFC demo a couple of days ago and didn’t have to pay for it. They just had a few problems with Xbox Live and the Market Place a couple of days ago.

  • Rich Hutnik

    Hey, they are inspired by Kojima! 😛