Warframe on PS4 Receives Update 13.7

We all love the futuristic action title from Digital Extremes, and they love us, too. The free-to-play title was released a little over a year ago on PC and then later when the PS4 launched in November. The game wasn’t without its problems, but thanks to Digital Extremes’ constant support on updating the online-centric title, Warframe has flourished into a new and enhanced experience.

While the PS4 version is a little behind its PC big brother, that doesn’t mean we’re waiting forever to get the patches. Today, Warframe has received a hefty update for 13.7, adding various new gear, Tower 4 Void missions, and Prime classes for Loki, Wyrm and the melee weapon Bo. There are also various fixes to the original game, not to mention slight changes and re-balancing to combat. Warframe is available right now for free on PS4 and PC, with an Xbox One version coming later this year.

  • WTF

    I seriously don’t get why this game is appealing to some of my friends on psn, I think I’m missing something here

    • tomdville

      yess you are this game is a beast with friends

    • Brian Earl

      its got superior graphics compared to many many games that are out there, its got a complex and vast world to explore that will take you many many hours to even complete a portion of and oh yeah you get to play co-op with many others around the world and its FREE……….im sorry you don’t understand the appeal but that is your loss 🙂