Club Nintendo’s 2014 Platinum/Gold Rewards are Insulting

Nintendo has just announced this year’s for members of their Club Nintendo rewards program who reached either Gold or Platinum status. By redeeming codes included with consoles and first party (and some third party) Nintendo games or by purchasing games in the eShop, members are granted coins they can redeem for items. Besides getting the prizes themselves, those who reach a certain coin threshold — 300 for Gold and 600 for Platinum — also receive a yearly gift free of charge. The program started off impressively giving Platinum members a Mario statue, but has devolved from there all the way up until last year’s lame offering of a CD soundtrack. Things seemed like they couldn’t get any worse, but Nintendo has today proven that they certainly can.

So how does the company reward its loyal customers this year? With a free digital game. First off, that’s not the spirit of the entire program to begin with. The original intention was to reward the faithful with exclusive merchandise that can’t be had anywhere else. A digital game is the antithesis of that. Honestly, though, we’d be willing to give them a pass if they were offering up quality retail games — Pokemon X & Y, Pikmin 3, The Wonderful 101 and Yoshi’s New Island would all have been viable candidates. Instead, however, they’ve seemed to have scraped the proverbial bottom of the eShop barrel to reward fans.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.43.14 PM
The only retail/full games in the entire offering are Game & Wario and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. Game & Wario is a terrible game that can be had for under twenty dollars, and while Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D is great, it can also be had for twenty dollars and is an over a year old port of a nearly four year old game. Certainly not the cream of the crop. Other games include Earthbound, NES Remix, Dr. Luigi and Fluidity Spin Cycle. All (mostly) quality games, but all games well under twenty dollars that most people probably already have who want them.

And believe it or not, these are the Platinum-exclusive awards. Those who merely attained Gold get one of eight NES/Game Boy 3DS/Wii U Virtual Console ports that retail for under five dollars and have been available for at least one year.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 1.43.36 PM
Now before you start rabble-rousing, I get the point that Nintendo doesn’t have to do this at all and these are gifts. However, they’re not gifts out of the goodness of their heart. They’re gifts to reward people for spending copious amounts of money on their products. To reach Platinum status, you’d need to spend around $500. For that kind of loyalty, a major company like Nintendo should be giving more than a sub-twenty dollar game in return.

With hardly any store items in stock and an insulting display of gifts, at this point it would be best to shut down the program altogether. Year after year, people go out of their way to buy enough Nintendo products to reach Platinum status, and when all it gets them in return is a pitiful display of rewards, it becomes a dishonest practice to goad consumers into buying your products.

  • JJ

    I wouldn’t have minded another soundtrack (Mario kart 8, Link Between Worlds, Super Mario 3D World, or Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze), but the lack of physical rewards is quite depressing . . .

    • Jonathan

      Yea I was hoping for more soundtracks like Japan gets. Like the Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack I had to import.

    • Jen

      I don’t think I’m gonna bother registering my games/consoles anymore. These are pathetic.

  • Kyle Solmonson

    Agree’d Steve, I wouldn’t have minded some titles being on there if they’re worth the bang for my buck, if Nintendo had done a duo pack of both NES Remix games, or better yet an exclusive physical release of them, like Japan has, I would’ve been fine with that. Instead most of what you get to pick can cost you very little to get, specially the gold rewards.

    Spending upwards to 200 dollars to get a free 5 dollar game isn’t fair in the slightest. If Nintendo gave us the opportunity to choose 2-3 games that would be better. They instead show they simply don’t care about the CN here at all.

    The thing I liked about Club Nintendo for being a life long member since it started, and having gotten Plat status every year since, was the exclusive items only found there, albeit a tad overpriced to obtain. Now they just don’t seem to care with the lack of anything worthwhile in the rewards, and this offering us titles anyone can get.

    • chris8bit

      so would you rather them offer what sony and Microsoft give you after buying all 8 halo games that have come out so far….oh wait they have given you nothing!!! for spending money on them.

      sony and microsft even resale the same games you just boght last year on the new systum and make you pay full price.
      all wii games play on the wiiu

      but no nintendo is greddy for not giving you a 50 buck game for doing nothing you would not have already

      • Kyle Solmonson

        Not greedy. More like Stingy. They don’t bother to keep up stock the catalog or restock anything worthwhile. They stopped having any variety for their downloads too, it used to be every week you get to see new games to choose from now it’s only a month with little to be excited for.

        Let’s look at some of the stuff CN of Europe or Japan give out, you can choose either Pikmin keychains, soundtrack CDs, figures and even physical games. What does US CN offer? Greeting cards or a patch for Kibry’s epic yarn. The only cool thing new that was offered was the Luigi’s mansion statue but was far overpriced that not a lot of people could get it and left quickly anyway.

        The reason this year’s reward blow is because the rewards used to be exclusive to those who earned it, these are not exclusive to anyone. Anybody can get these games, defeats the rewarding experience you’d get from making to the top status.

        • chris8bit

          its not even stingy thogh
          if i open up a food kitchen and give away free food is it stingy if sometimes i cant afforded to have the turky dinner on the free menu?
          im still making the realyu good food and give it away for free just not the 5 star stuff for a little while.

          look im not saying they are amazing rewards but they are amazing things to get free wich we are.
          id rather get a car for free but its crazy to expect it.
          out of my top 5 favorit things i have gotten from club nintendo 4 are phisical (MM soundtrack, poster pack, two 3ds cases, wii remote straps.) but i still enjoy the 6 or so games i got from it too.

          • Kyle Solmonson

            In some case yeah, Game and Wario, NES Remix, and/or Donkey Kong country 3DS are cool to get for free, since they’re pretty pricey, but the gold status rewards hardly seem worth it because they’re all under 5 dollar games, most of which were free already through ambassador or you can get them with coins when they appear on the site. Heck, Kid Icarus is on there right now for either purchase with coins or through the gift.

            I’m expecting a car or even an advance copy of a game, but something a lot better then downloadable games that’s available to everyone, doesn’t feel worth being a member. The promotions to join have been great, but once you joined you kind of feel like what’s the point nowadays, IMO.

            I just feel NOA isn’t caring to provide a enjoyable service here.

          • Farid Khoshnevissan

            Honestly, the one thing they could have done and wouldn’t have cost them any money, yet would’ve helped against the backlash, is offer the exclusive Doc Louis’s Punch-Out!! that was available for Platinum Member’s the very first year of Club Nintendo. They already have the game made, it can run easily on Wii U in Wii Mode, and there probably wouldn’t be any backlash from the original receivers since they never probably play it anymore.

          • chris8bit

            nope pepole would complain they did when brutel legend gave away a preorder item years after it came out

          • Lark Hutson

            its not like its even free! dumbnuts! you have to fill out a whole pile of surveys that they use for marketing. essentially you are giving them free product testing and marketing research. this is a f*** slap in the face.
            never going on club nintedo again. they can keep their pity prize.

          • yomero

            THIS! exactly, you are doing they market research and marketing job, and your payment? a $5 bucks game thats cost muchless for them as thay already have it.

          • Scazza

            A better comparison would be if McDonalds on your street gave away free food, but it was old and moldy and was useless to eat. While the McDonalds a few streets over gave away all their high end food for free, however your street was banned from that McDonalds.
            Thats how it feels to North American gamers who look at what the EU and Japan gets for rewards for their loyalty vs what we get.

          • kevo

            no its more like if you spend a ton of money at mcdonalds and for your loyalty they give you a moldy burger while the other mcdonalds treats its loyal customers with a free bigmac meal. this is not free. you have to spend a lot of money and time to fill out surveys. i spend 500 dollars to get platinum status this year. does that sound free? no

          • chris8bit

            yah becuse wario ware and all those other games are so horible they could kill a person…wait no they are not. what a first world problum comparison “i got a free game that i already had thats like giving a starving child poisen to eat”

          • Bishop

            Why would I ever want to play a crappy kids game from 1986 if I’m an adult who lives in 2014? I have bought all the serious RPGs life SMT4, Etrian Odyssey, MH3U throughout the year… Are they seriously thinking that I want to add a black and white Mario game to my collection? I’d hesitate to spend my time on it even if it’s free!

          • chris8bit

            um game and wario came out last year

          • “Why would I ever want to play a crappy kids game from 1986 if I’m an adult who lives in 2014?”


          • Bishop

            A valuable reply to a 2 months old post :eyeroll:

          • Thanks, but why do you judge comments for “value” tied to how old the conversation is? That is pointless. After two months it still deserved an eye roll.

          • Bishop

            Well, your eyeroll deserved an eyeroll too, so please enjoy my eyeroll in a previous post.

          • Jeremysheer

            You must be 17. Apparently retro gaming you’re not alive for

          • Bishop

            You must be 17 if you’re still not done with retro gaming.
            I played all this 20 years ago, why must I play it now? Time to move on, son

      • Scazza

        Umm, Xbox rewards program gives you FAR better dollar returns vs Club Nintendo. Plus when they have specials on DLC, sometimes you get back 2-3x more. Look it up before you look stupid next time. Not to mention PSN+ / XBL free games for only $50 a year. Nintendo can’t even come close to value in those spaces. So nice try with that horrible analogy.

        • John

          Really $50 a year might as well just get Gamefly, because once you stop paying the $50 a year they discontinue you from it . I wager people wouldn’t want to disburse (Unless your a fanboy of that company and is willingly to lose all Its money for It) Not to mention that It does not include other game franchises that Microsoft and Sony don’t have. absurdity everywhere -.-

          • John

            Unlike Plus or Xbox rewards program, Nintendo offers something free which is far better than what you’re mentioning Its irreplaceable, yours requires money which you can’t even keep at all. Think again before commenting useless garbage.

          • Scazza

            Umm, Nintendo doesn’t have game franchises that are exclusive to xbox/ps. What is your point? As an investment and value for money, other companies treat their gamers FAR better than Nintendo does to its North American gamers. NA Club Nintendo is a travesty.

          • yomero

            If you prefer to pay $500 per year for $20 in game return, do it, but no matter how you look at it, PS+ is way better investment than CN. Once you stop paying $500 per year you dont get you CN stuff,

          • chris8bit

            no you do still get to keep all your cn stuff if you stop paying for ps+ you lose all the games you have gotten sence you started. and in 6 years when they stop suporting the ps3 with ps+ do you think they are just going to give you those games free? no they will take them just like they do when you miss one month of payment

          • yomero

            Im not arguin about the fact of keeping stuff, I’m saying that for just 4-5 buck per month you get more than what you get for spending several hundreds of dollars on a year. You only get the stuff that you alredy have, but nothing more, is the same, you stop paying, you stop getting more stuff, PS+ would stop allowing you to play the free games, but any games that you have purchased with the discount still will be yours. And in 6 six years you should be playing on the PS4. I dont buy new generation consoles to play old games that I can play on the original console.

          • chris8bit

            so you never boot up an old game and play it again?
            you will 100% never again play a sigal ps3 game?
            well how would you feel if when you went back to play one of those games they said “sorry you dont own this anymore buy it again”
            where with nintendo you keep it.
            sony gives you nothing they let you barrow thier games
            and they take them back if you stop paying them money
            nintendo gives you games and never takes them back

        • chris8bit

          first nither sony or microsft send you free physical items wich is what everyone is complaining that Nintendo did not do.
          and xbox does not have a rewards programe not anything like nintendos.
          yah paying for gold membership they give you somthing but you are directly paying for that so its hardly free.

          if you buy a buynch of none nintendo games for the wiiu you still get points and free stuff if you buy none sony games do you get free mebership? do you get another free game with it?
          do you get anything sent to you from sony thanking you for spending mony on another companys game? no you dont
          but nintendo has to? god pepole are spoiled. i hope they give nothing next year.

          then the year after when the fake members of club nintendo all stop they give good stuff again

          • Scazza

            People are complaining about the lack of a physical reward as well as the really poor dollar value for the rewards offered. There IS an xbox reward system that gives you cash back, a decent amount of cash back on anything you buy, and sometimes 2-3x that on certain items.

            “if you buy a buynch of none nintendo games for the wiiu you still get
            points and free stuff if you buy none sony games do you get free
            Not sure what you are getting at there. Might be a translation issue but if you buy none of anything you get none. Nintendo makes you spend 500$ for a platinum reward and gives away 5-20$ games as a reward. MS reward system gives about double that.

            My entire point is that PSN+ and XBL, while being paid services, are a MUCH better INVESTMENT than having to spend 500$ on nintendo stuff before they even notice you.

          • Bishop

            Sony gives you twice the price of yearly subscription EVERY MONTH via the AAA games.
            Nintendo gives you 1% of annual expenditures via an old crap.

          • chris8bit

            for the 100th time how have they given you anything if they take it away the second you stop paying?
            when you subscribe to cable you dont act like they are more genrus then stores that sell dvds. if a store gave you a free dvd every time you boght a tenth dvd you would not say well i get 100’s of movies from cable why dont i get 100s from the store.

            owning the item is worth far more then renting it

      • kevo

        this has nothing to do with sony or microsoft. Stop defending nintendo no matter what. I have been a platinum member with nintendo for the 3rd year in a row now. And no its not free I have to spend around 500 dollars to get it. nothing is free. its a reward for support. all nintendo of america did was turn off its base including me by doing this. again this is not free. you have to spend a lot of money to get it. Its pretty obvious you are not a platinum member.

        • chris8bit

          so imagine if McDonalds did a deal that anyone that filled out 5 customer service things on the back of the respts(those ones that enter you into a chance to win money).
          wouldn’t you think people are being idiots if they come out complaining that they are only getting a small drink small fry and a cheeseburger or 5 pice chiken. complain that they want a double bacon cheeseburger. or want the 8 pice chicken.
          saying “i spent $50 and all i got was a cheap meal!!”
          “how dare they not give me more! i have been loyal customer for years!”

          you bought a game. on the back of the game was a customer service fill out form.
          for filling it out you get to chose one of 5 or so small prizes.
          at the end of the year if you have done this 10 times you get to chosie another prize.
          but no because they did not just give you something that is of the same value as you spent(not if they did this they would be out of business in a year) you spent 50 bucks got a 50 dollar game and you want another 50 dollar item to go with it

          • Bishop

            No. I spent hundreds of dollars on serious AAA games and they give me an 25 years old crap which I’d avoid if it was free. That’s like spending 10000 dollars in McD throughout the year on food and then they give you a diaper. And you’re not even a baby to wear it.

          • chris8bit

            but you still got your 1000 worth in mcdonlds food so why the f are you complaning that they gave you somthing free?

          • Bishop

            Because they advertized giving you something good. And then giving you something bad is a best way to lose a customer, even if their main service is okay. Simply because no one loves disrespect, while the good quality of the main service is always for granted on the modern market to be competitive.

          • chris8bit

            why dont yu point me to the ad that said you were going to get vastly more/better

          • Bishop

            Because you’re obviously a masochist who ferociously fights for his right to get something cheap/old/unneeded instead of wishing for something better for his money.

          • chris8bit

            no you said that you did not get what was advertised so i asked you to point me to this add that said you will get better stuff then what you got.
            they gave you somthing free. it does not matter what else you say you got it free.
            asuming you did not by all your games at lunch for ful;l priuce no cupons(its your own dam fult if you did that) you got $1000 worth of games for less then $1000 then you were able to spend points to get 1 or 2 free games then you just got a thired free game.
            so you got 3 free games along with you $1000 worth of games for less then $1000.
            then you come on here and say its a crap deal becuse you already have the games.

            you dont see the crazyness in that complant? sell the free game or give it to a friend for thier birthday and shut up.

          • Bishop

            No I won’t. If Bentley Motors says “you’ll get a free prize for buying Bentley car”, I automatically suppose it won’t be a pack of tissues. The same way I don’t want a crappy retro game for buying $1000 worth of the newest AAA titles. If I have a $1000 set of newest AAA games, then why would I ever play a fukken metroid 1986 instead?

          • He obviously doesn’t understand that “good” is subjective.

          • Jeremysheer

            Why are we complaining McDonald’s and comparing it to Nintendo they’re two different entities

          • chris8bit

            becues people are attacking a company for giving something away for free.
            when if any other group did it they would be called saints.

    • Johnny LoveFive

      You don’t have to spend $200 with all these system coins, and post-play surveys they offer.

    • Joseph Oliveira

      Why are you bitching about a free games? Neither Microsoft or Sony does this. Enjoy it. If you’re just going to bitch, give your free game to someone else that will enjoy it more than you.

  • Nathan Velliquette

    To be fair, the company has been suffering if you’ve been following the news. The rewards are a nice little addition, but I doubt it pays off for them in the long run. I would love exclusive merchandise, but I am just happy I can get anything for my game purchases at the moment. And if they got rid of the rewards, I would be okay with that too. Steam doesn’t even pat me on the back for my 500+ game library.

  • BrainzTheGamez

    Yes, I agree that the Rewards are ehh, But you are getting FULL Games! Donkey Kong Country is ~$35 I was thinking about getting. I get it for FREE! I personally enjoy the rewards and yes I might have wanted Physical rewards, but This is very good, nothing to complain about tbh. People don’t like this, but look at the titles! If Nintendo didn’t think that these games were good enough for the Club Nintendo Members, They would not have put them up there for the price of Registering the games that Nintendo gives us.

    • DKCR is $15 at my local second hand shop. Not to mention I own the $7 wii version and would’ve bought the 3DS version if I wanted it.

      And yes, I would say this is something to complain about personally. I’ve been with Club Nintendo since it started and I already own all of the games I want from this list! They’ve all been out for quite some time and have given me plenty of time to wait for a price drop and purchase.

      “If Nintendo didn’t think that these games were good enough for the Club Nintendo Members, They would not have put them up there”

      I’m sorry, that is a very, VERY, ignorant thing to say. I’m not trying to be mean, as I have nothing against you and you’re entitled to your own opinion, but companies exist for money solely. Nothing else. They will do whatever it takes to save money and cheat people out of more of it. Do they actually care about customers? Yes, definitely, but not because they appreciate us, but because without us they wouldn’t exist, literally.

      I’m just saying, it’s super stingy or selfish seeming to do this when Sony and Microsoft can give people who pay substantially less much better games every month. AND they don’t make us choose one, but give us like, eight free games. Every month.

      • BrainzTheGamez

        Why compare Nintendo to Microsoft and Sony when neither of them even worry about Nintendo. The Console war that everybody talks about is XBone and PS4… No Wii U there? Nintendo puts effort into their games rather than deciding if the fans would be greedy over the FREE games that they are receiving. Nintendo doesn’t have to give these games away you know? Just because it doesn’t always live up to their previous standards doesn’t mean that Nintendo doesn’t care about us. What if, Nintendo is just taking a break this year and is giving us something WAY better next year? But again, Sony and Microsoft don’t take Nintendo seriously so why compare them to each other?

        • Whether or not Sony and MS “take Nintendo seriously” is irrelevant. They’re competitors, of course you should compare the two. And Sony and MS definitely take Nintendo seriously. The Wii is the third best selling console ever (Next to PS2 and PS1, and it’s not far behind PS1). The Wii U just hasn’t been doing so well this time around so they’re less of a threat this generation.

          And I seriously think the whole argument of “Nintendo doesn’t really have to give us anything” is not a good one. Nintendo has given pretty amazing things practically every year until now. A soundtrack doesn’t really cost all that much to make. That would be better than this.

          I also don’t think Nintendo doesn’t care about us. These are still stingy gifts. It’s like giving a friend an old shoe for their birthday and then telling them “Sorry, it’s all I could afford.” That doesn’t make it a good gift. For their loyalty and friendship you give them something that doesn’t seem to show any thought or care. Especially if you gave them something awesome the previous year. (Yes, I know I’m bad at analogies)

          Lastly, “Taking a break this year” makes no sense. It costs the same amount of money (in theory) to get a platinum award every year, no matter what they give us in the future that doesn’t make this years rewards any less sucky.

  • Lecrazy

    I dunno what your problem is. I was ecstatic when I saw the Platinum rewards.

    • I already own all the games I want from the list.

      • That_Guy1993

        Yo I want DK 3DS but I only have the gold status option. Help a guy out haha 😉

  • Zap Rousdower

    How are consumers being goaded into buying anything? You buy games you already wanted. All you have to do is put in a tiny code, and if you do it enough, u get a gift. If you’re buying games solely for Club Nintendo points, you’re a top class idiot.

    tl;dr: You are literally the cancer destroying video games.

  • Sonic10158

    Sucks that Club Nintendo Japan and UK have awesome rewards like useful giftcards and soundtrack CDs, while the USA only has 4 physical items, all of which are crap like greeting cards and posters which are never in stock

  • rhymenoceros

    Seriously. This entire article just reeks of entitlement. Sure you bought $500 worth of games from Nintendo. And I’m assuming you bought them because you want the games. Or are you buying them because you want the elite prizes?

    This is silly because what does buying $500 worth of products from Microsoft or Sony get you? Nothing. At least Nintendo gives a little something back. Where are the articles blasting Sony or Microsoft for not rewarding your loyalty? No one ever whines about that. I guess there’s no winning for Nintendo.

    • evilmajikman

      But Microsoft and Sony have programs where you drop a small amount of cash and get free games each month, and you end up getting even more if you have both current and last gen consoles. :/ Really pales in comparison. I was inspired to get Platinum this year after last year was the Majora’s Mask ost (luckily my friend gave me his because he didn’t care about anything on the reward tiers last year). Not sure why I bothered to get Platinum for this year after seeing this. I’ll probably get Earthbound regardless that I could just straight up buy the game any time I want.

      • I’m so upset Earthbound is only for the Wii U. If it was on 3DS I’d be excited. It’s not like it’s too intense for the hardware…

      • sec713

        No. They have programs where you drop small amounts of cash to help them constantly improve their online capabilities. The free games are just icing on the cake.

    • xPhoenixMoon

      A lot more than Nintendo is offering. I guess you never heard of Sony rewards program and Xbox rewards program.

      Sony even had that awesome event last year where you could win seriously incredible stuff with just trophies.

    • Geoffrey Graeme Thew

      but 60 dollars a year gets you 24 free games from sony per console you own, plus access to a better online service than nintendo offers.

      That aside, Club Nintendo is actually, you know, work. You have to fill out surveys and provide immensely valuable data to nintendo’s consumer research and marketing teams. It’s not like you’re just buying games to get coins. A nice, collectible, physical prize is really the least they could offer in return. It’s especially insulting given that they have far better rewards in Japan. This is basically a kick in the teeth to anyone who’s achieved platinum or gold this year.

      • sec713

        Nintendo doesn’t listen to us anyway, so I just leave 1 letter responses for all those surveys. It saves a lot of time.

    • Turing

      You don’t understand the word entitlement. Nobody is claiming a “right” to be given something from Nintendo. What they are saying is that it is foolish for a company to disappoint its best and most loyal customers. I get that Nintendo is trying to cut costs right now, but pinching pennies and upsetting their most dedicated customers is not the way to go about it.

    • Lark Hutson

      Bullspit. you fill out product surveys giving them information for marketing purposes. oh hey and look! if you spend 60 you can get another 50 dollar game free! but if you are loyal to them and buy lots of their games … oh look they might feel like giving you an old game that you probably already have.. or a 5.00 game.
      F*** off.

  • They do feel pretty weak this year. It’s a shame to see them go to all digital. The physical exclusives really felt special.

  • jabbari

    I dont have wii u and i already have donkey kong 3d. fluidity on wii was fun….is the 3ds one worth getting?

  • sanic

    Eh I was happy with donkey kong, I wasn’t insulted any ways, I buy games to play the games this is just gravy.

  • Justin Schwab

    This is not about entitlement, I am not sure where people get this idea honestly. Playstation and Xbox offer free games every month and you only have to subscribe for $50 a year. In order to get these rewards you need to spend $500 in one year. They hype this rewards program up with the physical items you might get, but we get digital games that are not exclusive.

  • sec713

    Good god, what a bunch of whiny entitled brats you all are. Nobody owes you anything for buying their products. Just be happy someone’s giving you something for free or stfu.

    • Turing

      “Be happy that we gave you anything, now STFU.” Brilliant advertising slogan, there. Maybe you should be in marketing, you really know your stuff.

  • gblock

    and yet Japan keeps getting physical goods…nice job rubbing salt into the wound Nintendo…

  • derpyguy

    Anyone want to trade codes?

  • disqus_mmMP9byT0K

    OMG I feel so bad for the people who had to WORK to become elite members! To be honest i just took pictures of the club nintendo codes on the games at my local game store! (And i honestly dont care who sees this, its a flaw that needs to be changed) This is still a nice yearly treat for me 😛

    • Sal Paradise

      Sure you did. Oh wait, the CN codes are INSIDE the wrapped game, not on the outside. Please try a little harder next time.

      • Gamestop puts all cases with manuals and CN codes open on shelves, both new and used games. You can do this no problem if you just look for games that have codes. If the game is new enough that it needs plastic wrap they keep a display case on the shelves and then you bring them that and they give you the plastic wrap version, so in that case it doesn’t work. But yes, for every Gamestop I’ve been to you can just look through all of the cases and take the codes.

        He wasn’t lying. I’ve done it once.

  • Pon

    This is very true. every year it gets worse and worse.. now just a dl game.. i’m not going to even try anymore. before I would fill out those survays to help ninentedo.. but for what.. crap!? for the store to never be in stock with decent items and them treat us like 3rd rate people while the club nintendo in japan gets 10x the amount of items.. no thank you..

  • Sean Erson

    I already have all those!? What happened to posters or anything else?!? Fuck Nintendo, this really sucks.

  • Icagel0 .

    Actually CN Points are a little harder to get.. let’s do the math
    you spend 300 dollars to get a console, that’s 150 points (Average normal 3DS price and I think 150 points for either WiiU or 3DS). Then you get 5 games at 60 dollars each (average price for both 3DS or WiiU, actually exact 3ds games price at every store is 54 USD but let’s round up just a little) and get 30 points for each. Congratulations, you just spent 600 USD for a less-than-5-USD game.
    Now if you buy 10 other games and spend another 600 dollars to get 300 remaining point you get a pretty good game but.. 1200 dollars? In one year? What the hell? That’s 3 times the minimum salary where I live.
    Now we take back what we rounded up and it’s 30 dollars less for golden and 90 less for platinum.
    570 USD (1.5 times minimum salary) and 1110 USD (almost 3 times). But yeah, it’s a completely understandable balanced and fair system.

    • Sal Paradise

      160 for either game system. Wii U games typically net you 60 coins while 3DS games give 40. Not saying the system is good, especially compared to what I’m getting with Club Nintendo Japan, but the points you listed aren’t quite accurate.

  • Melissa

    .. I honestly think you put in a wrong title here. These offers aren’t insulting.. Remind you, that Nintendo has had some of the most greatest offers I’ve seen this time period. To celebrate the greatest top-selling game ever, Nintendo threw out an offer that if You purchased a Nintendo 3DS, You’d get Pokemon X/Y Absolutely free. There was also the Mario Kart 8 Deal where if you registered Your game, You’d get to chose 4 games for free including Pikmin 3, Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U, and Super Mario Bros U. I think this list is actually suprising and pretty amazing, especially since Donkey Kong Returns came out just a little more than a few months ago.

    • Actually Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D came out over a year ago, May of 2013. Not to mention the original game came out even longer ago and most people who want it already own one of the two versions. I have the Wii version, bought it years ago. I have no intention of getting this.

      Not to mention for anyone who is a collector like me prefers to have a case to put on my shelf. I have a collection and I’ll probably get Dr. Luigi instead of Game & Wario because of this.

      The Pokemon X/Y deal was good, but what about the millions of people who already own a 3DS and can’t afford to get another? Or even if I could I’d rather buy a system I don’t have! That deal was hardly great.

      I’ll give you the MK8 deal though, that one is pretty good. Again, hardly applies to me because I’m a collector and want cases but it’s still good for the majority who don’t care.

      But still, some of the greatest deals you’ve seen? Where have you been looking? I bought PS+ last December because my HDD corrupted and I lost ALL my game data on my PS3. I wanted their online storage options, and it was the best deal I’ve made. The shear quality and quantity of games I get for free is absolutely insane. Especially since I get PS3, PS4, and Vita games since I own them all. Now THAT is a deal. THAT is saving me literally hundreds of dollars every few months. Who can argue that this is better than BioShock Infinite free? Or Tomb Raider? Or Remember Me? The list goes on. And since I said I’m a collector, I’m still probably going to buy these in cases, but I can now play them until the Used price goes down to $10.

      Sorry if I sounded rude, not trying to just be a jerk. I just think that this is a very inconsiderate thing of Nintendo to their loyal consumers, whereas with Sony (And Microsoft too, I just don’t prefer my 360) will give way better games to anyone who wants to spend $50 a year.

  • Stuffnthings

    Nintendo has had a terrible financial year. I think e3 might help but I don’t blame them for not shelling out cash to mail physical objects. If you are a fan you can acknowledge the effort or you can quit entering in rewards for things you would buy anyway. Or you can complain.

    • yomero

      I understand that they have problems, but If they could not affor physical rewards ans shipping charges, they could offer better games and probably there would be less people complaining about this year rewards including me, is just about the MK8 free game, EU CN got to choose from 8 different games, not just 4, and I would have love to chose Wonderful 101 over Pikmin 3 anytime.

  • I’ve never complained before but “insulting” is the right word. Posters? CD? Cards? I didn’t care as long as we were getting any physical reward that you can only get from Club Nintendo. But now we don’t even have that as an option?! I don’t know what’s more annoying, the complete lack of an exclusive gift (physical or digital) or the fact that the fanboys are still defending Nintendo with their usual “they don’t have to give you anything, you know!” tripe.

  • Rick Deininger

    Every year we hope this will get better and it doesn’t. Every year the insult gets worse, and every year there’s some morons who didn’t win anything, who want to sit and argue about how these prizes are “free” (they’re not!) and so we shouldn’t complain. If I’m getting these prizes free, why do I feel like I’ve wasted my money? I’ve been a loyal Nintendo customer for 20 years, but this will be the last year I ever buy a brand new Nintendo game.

  • Soshi Nine

    I was looking forward to getting a calendar this year since I only got gold status. Instead I got metroid on 3ds. Happy I didn’t go for platinum this year though considering I don’t even have a WiiU yet and the only thing I really wanted(Earthbound) was on there).

  • Vortain

    Really, I think the problem is this: Expectations and Delivery.

    You EXPECT CN to provide exclusive rewards. Rightfully so since they elude to it being great.
    You GET a Virtual Console title. Disappointing.

    I think 1 of 3 things need to happen:

    1. Stop offering CN rewards. Crazy? Not really. There’d still be a desire for a USA CN like Japan has, but really, they owe us no special rewards program, it’s simply a nice perk. Right now it needs to be polished, but if they can’t swing it, it’d be better to end the program and keep from disgruntled customers. I hate to see their reputation hurt anymore because of CN. But over a year, people would slowly let it go. Nintendo no longer has to meet high expectations (again, expectations that aren’t unfounded, but only because they set them). Of course, they need to announce this and give us a year to spend points, even if we just get VC titles.

    2. Consistently offer good physical rewards for P/G status. The most unlikely. Nuff’ said.

    3. Eliminate the P/G program. Instead, offer elite-like rewards purchasable via coins only (or just offer basic rewards more consistently, and of better quality). Maybe replace the P/G program with ‘Reach 450 coins for the year and get a free VC title of $15.’ Or even just a calendar if you reach 300 each year. This way, your hopes are not smashed due to a lack of super cool rewards. What you EXPECT: at year’s end you expect a free VC title or calendar (along with anything you’ve used your coins on). What do you GET? Just that. If they offer high teir rewards (600+) the “year to use your coins” thing needs to go away, and coins are kept forever. That way survey’s get done sooner (instead of us holding off in fear of losing points) and we can save for a BIG reward 2-3 years down the line. This also puts more power in our hands to say “I want THAT” as in “I don’t want a CD, but I DO want some sweet posters” or “I want a figure, but not a 3DS case.”

    As a side note, they could also require shipping. I know it’s an added expense to us, but tiny compared to what it is to them and they aren’t gaining anything. It wouldn’t be unreasonable and I’d deal with it to get better items.

    Overall, the CN program needs be spruced up, but really, it’s a perk. As a consumer, our expectations set by CN are clearly not being met. However they don’t have to continue offering such a program. Do I want good physical rewards? Yes. But if they can’t swing it, then one of the 3 things needs to happen. I am grateful they even do a rewards program, but I’d like to see it get better if they continue doing it.


  • Temenoil

    My first year with Club Nintendo, not happy with these rewards. Why did they make them 100% digital?
    I was hoping for a poster set or something better than a 5 dollar game code…

    • yomero

      I fell you man, is the same case for me, Im a collector, and digital rewards are hardly collectable, and I just say hardly because of the Doc’s Punch Out, otherwise, they are not collectable at all.

      • Temenoil

        Strongly agree. I feel the same way.

  • Jason Witmer

    It’s free stuff. I’m not complaining. I got Donkey Kong Country Returns for my 3DS. I wouldn’t have ever bought it because I have it for Wii. But it was free. And it rocks on 3DS. Stop complaining about free gifts. They don’t have to give you anything.

  • ChaosRockstein

    Well, there are sure worst things in the world . . . So it’s not too bad.

  • Jon

    WORST ELITE STATUES REWARDS EVER! last year i disagree about it being bad, because i LOOOOOOVE majora’s mask and it’s music so i was PUMPED to get it, this year, i almost say F-it

  • kevo

    I got an email from nintendo this morning letting me know that my platinum reward was now redeemable. I couldn’t wait to see what i could get. the last 2 years i got an awesome poster set for being a platinum member. A Platinum member! spending hundreds of dollars on nintendo and what do they offer me? a free download? if I’m a platinum member then its most likely i already own the game! this is an insult for spend so much money on nintendo.

  • Crystal

    Totally agreed. I have seen the previous years’ rewards and was hoping to get something physical this year. This is the very first time I have saved up all these “points” to reach elite status and I don’t think I will be doing it again. It is definitely a let-down :/

  • Woody Hampton

    Yeah, this year was pretty disappointing considering what has been offered all the previous years. Should have not been surprised as the coin redeemable gifts have also taken a nose dive this year. I really think Club Nintendo is on it’s way out. There doesn’t seem to be the amount of effort and thought put into the program that there once was.

  • Uriel Cortes Mendoza

    maybe for you that live in USA but for the rest of the world that cant receive a physical price like latinoamerica is better
    you always receive the best and that is unfair because everybody buy the game with a price even more expencive and dont receive nothing of club nintendo and that is unfair
    so digital games that everybody can get for his loyalty is fair

  • Colton Seals

    I will remember the good days by looking at my Super Mario posters and desk calendar.

  • Disappointed

    I don’t even own a console that will play one of these rewards. I saved my inserts and registrations for two years to redeem for platinum status this year, and in return received a reward that I can’t even download or use.

  • Johnny LoveFive

    Actually, the Mario statue wasn’t the first year reward, it was the Mario hat/Doc’s Punch Out, and other petty items. The Mario statue, so far, has been the one and only decent platinum reward.

  • Roy

    I platinum-ed 3 accounts , and didn’t even bother to redeem my gifts this year. I already own Donkey and Wario. So what am I supposed to do? get 3 copies of a black and white game that can be bought from the eShop?

    I don’t really care about what Microsoft and Sony are doing, because Nintendo was supposed to be different.

    I won’t stop buying Nintendo gear, but I’ll definitely tone it down -since I no longer have any incentive to buy-

  • Jessica Tran

    Are you stupid or what?? We didnt have to spend our club nintendo point for this… I’m sure they gonna bring some new stuff. Calm down…

  • Black Dragon

    Man, I missed it. I would have loved to get DK 3D even though I beat it on the Wii. I kept waiting forever for them to get in and I guess I missed them. It sucks. Wasnt as good as last years though

  • elsa

    I agree completely and was very disappointed. I wrote nintendo (through their support site) and I think everyone should do the same, so maybe they won’t do that again or at least get the appropriate feedback

  • Santana Mattox

    I get what everyone is saying and I agree. I was aggravated this was my third time getting platinum and well it sucked. But i keep seeing people saying there not going to bother regestering there games/consoles. Now that i really can’t understand.. It takes me less then a few mins to fill out one of the survays and not that im holding my breathing but in the case they try to make up for this year with something better and you didnt bother doing it… my point is yeah it sucks yeah they did us loyal fans wrong but why not go ahead and regester your stuff takes less then a few seconds and you can still use them even on the crappy stuff and in the chance next years platnume prizes are better (way better but not holding ny breath) you’ll have it.

  • Mario Alfredo Montoya

    “at this point it would be best to shut down the program altogether”.

    They ARE shutting the program down. They announced it on Jan 20:

    • Jake

      yes. this was written in july.

  • Jeremysheer

    Gratulation’s you idiot now club Nintendo is going away and now you don’t get any more free gifts will be a new reward system that won’t be hat and people acting like they’re entitled to everything don’t like it don’t buy Nintendo you idiot