Bruce Campbell and Maisie Williams to Star in Sam Raimi’s The Last of Us Film Adaptation

A trailer was just shown at San Diego Comic Con that has announced further details for the upcoming The Last of Us film adaption. The project will be headed up by Sam Raimi of Spider-man/Evil Dead fame and star Bruce Campbell and Maisie Williams. Williams has been in talks to portray Ellie, with Campbell’s position being unconfirmed, although Neil Druckmann has stated he likes him for Joel.

This will certainly be both Campbell’s and Wlliam’s biggest starring role to date, with the former having an illustrious career as a B-movie actor, TV star and frequent Sam Raimi cohort. Williams is best known for portraying Arya Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Check out the film’s first poster here and our review of the game here.

  • Grey Elf

    This is a fucking joke right?

    • maxleresistant

      I thought the same

      • Антон Иванов

        Why is it a joke?

        • maxleresistant

          They are good actors. But they don’t look the part. At all. Especially campbell

          • Kamille

            this is not about looking the part it’s about acting. That’s what actors do.

          • maxleresistant

            Yeah that’s right, that’s why I think Michael Cera would be a better Superman than Henry Cavill

          • Jermain Jackson

            Does not say Bruce will be playing Joel and Maisie is in talks nothing is final yet Still she can pull it off..

          • Jessika S.

            If you’ve been watching Game of Thrones you would understand why she was chosen. So I agree that she’s a good choice and that she can pull it off.

          • Jermain Jackson

            Also based on other sources. Nothing is said about Bruce being casted.

          • Jessika S.

            It has to be different then the actual game, I also think it’s a weird choice but I’ll wait and see. If we end up not liking it we can always just watch the cinematics on YouTube. LOL!

          • maxleresistant

            Ellie is a young female character with a strong and independant personnality that resembles Arya’s, so they casted the actress who plays arya. That’s just lazy casting IMO. They don’t need to take someone that looks exactly like the part, but they should at least ballpark it

  • Whooo? is it a comedy? Gotta love hollywood for never getting it right…let’s get Joaquin Phoenix for Uncharted and we’re set.

  • Sean Lee

    No hell no

    Jackman and Moretz should be the leads..

    • aRunning_Maniac

      Moretz is a terrible actress, though. I mean, she owns Hit-Girl, but other than that one role, she’s never really lit up the screen.

      • aRunning_Maniac

        “Terrible” is a bit unfair, actually. She’s still young, and she may eventually become a solid actress. Up to this point, however, she’s always been quite dull. I honestly don’t believe she has the depth to portray Ellie in a convincing manner.

      • Carlos Shabo

        she was great in 500days of summer for the 4lines she had, she was good in Let Me In. so i have no idea where “terrible” came to play.

        you are very off on this

        • aRunning_Maniac

          Did you not read my post below? And she was extremely unremarkable in Let Me In.

      • CptHero

        She’s a fantastic actress. 500 days of summer, KA 1 and 2, Let Me In, Hick, 30 rock, she even rocked an off-broadway play. Get your facts checked

    • Jessika S.

      Jackman I think that’s a good pick but I think that Maisie Williams is a great choice so she should stay on, watch Game of Thrones she’s was being escorted by the Hound you can then see why she was picked for this.

      • everaftering

        Josh Brolin would be a great Joel too!

        • Jessika S.

          Yes he would be.

  • Alex Larsen

    Such a misleading article.

    “During the panel, The Last of Us Movie was discussed and said that they met with “Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams to play Ellie, but nothing has yet been signed.”

    “When asked if Bruce Campbell will be in The Last Of Us film adaptation, Druckmann said, “Bruce Campbell himself would make a good Joel” and Raimi said they will “find some place for him.”

  • Just spoke to someone at that panel who stated that they were, more or less, joking around and teasing about Campbell being in The Last of Us film, but that they “might” give him the usual cameo role. However, the bigger news is that Campbell and Raimi are working on an Evil Dead television series.

  • datdude

    Bruce Campbell is too old and weathered…will the movie be about AARP Drake heading to the retirement home? I like Campbell, but the only way this would work is if the first Uncharted movie featured a Nathan Drake post adventure career now taking up knitting, with Ellie rubbing his back and giving him foot massages in the old folks home.

    • LarryBundyJr

      “Bruce Campbell is too old and weathered” Have you actually played the game???

      • datdude

        You obviously have no idea how old Bruce Campbell is….educate yourself.

  • ChatWraithUpsilon

    In a surprise twist, toby maguire will be playing every character.

  • benbenkr

    Maisie Williams would be fine. But Bruce Campbell? Who?

    Nikolaj Coster would be a better Joel fit, I’m not even kidding… look –

    Shorten the hair, dye it black. THAT’S pretty darn close to a Joel that one can get in real life.

    • LarryBundyJr

      He’s too young still, Joel is in his ’50s.

      • benbenkr

        Uh… Nikolaj is 44, not far from the 50s.

        Also, make up does wonders. You could turn an 18 year old to look like a 70 year old these days, don’t underestimate make-up artists.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    So guys who do thing will be perfect cast for Last of us ?

  • Trim Dose

    what is this a joke ? the return of game to movies monstrosity adaptations again ? daaammmmn, ND is going to be plain retarded if they permit this.

  • Mark Hodgen

    I Think a movie Would be awesome considering the game was very successful it would further explain the story.

  • kl

    Campell won’t be joel he would more likely play Robert or perhaps david.

  • cruzzercruz

    Yeah, that’s not true. Campbell will definitely not be Joel.

  • Venkatesh Kolhapure

    I’d prefer Jackman to play as Joel. He has the voice, the look, proper age and spot on attitude. As for the article, nothing has been confirmed. So I’m looking forward to some good casting. I don’t expect ND to fuck it up but I don’t trust Sam.

  • RH3ZA

    Oh my God Bruce Campbell, MOTHER FUCKING GROOVY!

  • Nathan Forester

    I have faith in Bruce.