Hardcore Gamer Show, Episode 73: No Regrets

Steve, Geoff, Lee, Matt and Jeremy talk about all the new games. Geoff goes into how flawed the PS4 remake of Abe’s Oddysee is, while Lee loves the Vita version of Disgaea 4. It’s a lean release week, so the crew focuses on how amazing The Last of Us Remastered is, while also discussing the benefits of the Left Behind DLC being included. Does it fare better if played before the main game or after? They also tackle the mailbag, and keep name-mockery to an absolute minimum

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(Intro song: Vacationer – The Wild Life, Outro: Rad Magma – Waiting For You)

  • Jeremy Peeples

    I completely forgot about my singing at the start of this.

  • Mike

    Geoff will be happy to know Luigi will have a Mario nendoroid to go with soon.