Dragon Quest X Can Now be Played in North America

It’s safe to assume that the entire gaming community in North America wants to play Dragon Quest X. After all, it combines the joy of MMORPGs with the awesomeness that is Dragon Quest. Add to that the pent of demand we have for a new Dragon Quest and you have a recipe for a frenzy. In fact, some have wanted the game so much that they’ve been using VPNs or IP Proxies to access the game. It’s about to get a whole lot easier, however, as Square Enix has removed the IP block for the game. This means that people outside of Japan can now play Dragon Quest X.

Of course, the game is still in Japanese and may require a Japanese credit card to get past the free trial, but losing the IP roadblock makes it far more accessible.

Head over here to download the game.

  • Bradly Halestorm

    One step closer to a localized version… I’m holding out for TGS.

    • JoeDaniel

      hope so, but I have serious doubts about the localization of this game or Phantasy Star Online 2… I mean it’s already two years since the wii version originally came out in japan!

      • Christopher Taylor

        SEGA did release a Sea with…well not so bad english translation on it. Thing is though theirs a fully working english translation done by the community for PSO2 that translates anywhere between 65-95 percent of the game depending on how fast they can keep translating new stuff. That and the donations they get. If it comes down to it, since DQX is on PC, I can foresee a group getting fed up with waiting and starting a DQX translation project.

        • JoeDaniel

          But, wasn’t it just recently that Square Enix sent a cease & desist letter to the people making an english translation of Final Fantasy Type-0?

          • Yewey

            probably cause they announced they are localizing it

          • JoeDaniel

            yeah, that’s what I meant in terms of not being too excited about fan projects, but maybe if the same thing happens with DQ X that’s a good sign lol

          • Christopher Taylor

            How type-0 and DQX would work far as the fan-translations are concerned is completely different, I suggest finding my long wall of text over on the Operation Hero Facebook page, it details how its different.

  • Christopher Taylor

    TGS would seem logical.

  • Daniel Masterson

    Can’t wait for DQ VII on 3DS.

    • Machtkampf

      I give up …

      • Machtkampf

        A year .. wow :O

        • Catharsis

          yes, a year WOW

  • William Cole

    Just bring it on PC and Wii U. Give RPG players a real RPG game ya know. X isn’t done yet give us something to hold me over.

  • Rathahope

    How to get a japanese credit card in America?

  • Kaihaku

    So now I can just play the game in another language… Right, they’ll have to do better than that. I went through the effort for PSO2 and honestly it wasn’t worth it. Won’t be doing it this time. If these companies want my business they’ll have to release in my language.

    • Junkman Junior

      obviously they don’t want your business or they would have =P

  • cddd

    does this actually work?

  • Zero

    Any sort of tutorial on how to Download and actually utilize the kids time ?? I mean its kinda hard to read Kanji and katakana….

  • Ancient Weirdo

    I just downloaded the client and had to sign up for a Yahoo! Japan email account. I did everything I was supposed to do with my limited Japanese language skills and the game loaded for a few seconds, but I got an error code which told me the game is still region locked. Anyone else have better luck than me?