Visual Novel Clannad Announced for Steam

Sekai Project is quickly becoming a big name in the visual novel publishing realm. During their panel at Japan Expo USA they unveiled their most exciting licensed title yet – Clannad.

This visual novel with a focus on a high schooler and his five female friends is incredibly well known within the visual novel community. Its success in Japan led to ports across many platforms and various adaptations. Although the anime arrived in the west, it seemed the 2004 game might never show up in America.

Sekai Project will be bringing the full voiced version of Clannad to Steam. No release date has been announced yet.

  • nonscpo

    Sooo glad this game is finally coming over, this has long been overdue. With Sekai Project localizing the all ages version and Mangagamer localizing the 18+ versions of these type of games, the future of Visual Novels has never looked brighter. Now if only a company came along and localized these games on tablets I would be thrilled.