UMD Passport Announced For Vita in Japan on September 17

Sony’s Japanese-centric press conference revealed a lot of PlayStation-centric news. One of the later announcements was that 250 previously UMD-only games will be offered on September 17 for Vita owners.  Unfortunately, details were scarce, but it appears that this service is tied to the PS+ service. This could be a temporary thing, or a permanent way to ensure that if you want access to prior UMD-based purchases on the Vita. Nothing about the North American or European markets was announced, but Sony having a set name for this would seem to indicate that they’ve put some thought into it and will likely evaluate the needs of that service for each market.

  • Jerry Flowers

    Me being me I bought Crisis Core Final Fantasy but I’ve never owned a PSP only ever borrowed a friends for a short time while owning the game, so hopefully that will become available.

    • The Wolf 47

      We Really REALLY want this in the US.