Abyss Odyssey Crossing over with Zeno Clash II

The Golem from Zeno Clash II is now a boss and playable character in Abyss Odyssey for PC players who already own Zeno Clash II or the Abyss Odyssey soundtrack. He’s playable in both the regular version of the game, as well as the four-player versus mode.

In addition to Golem, a new update has been released that brings versus mode online (limited to just two players) and a few other technical updates. Characters now have the ability to transform mid-combo, expanding the possibilities for damage. Some other fine tuning based on community feedback improves character movement and combat.

Check out the complete list:

– Local versus matches now have the option to play in Team Mode
– To celebrate Halloween, Jack-o-lanterns now adorn the Abyss
– Two new achievements have been added
– A new white phantom enemy (not playable)
– A new Halloween-themed Warlock look

Watch a trailer showcasing Golem below: