Sonic X-treme Final Build Unearthed?

20 years after being originally announced for the Sega Saturn, the lost legend of Sonic X-treme could finally be unearthed.

Sonic X-treme was supposedly going to the first “next-gen” Sonic the Hedgehog game for the Sega Saturn and the first in full 3D, but due to repeated delays and rebuilds, the game was ultimately canceled. However, some retro fans seem to have gotten their hands on numerous engine builds, including the coveted final build which was originally thought to be lost to the ether.

Reports are cycling in that a member of Sonic Retro and Assembler got their hands on the extremely rare source code for the supposed final build of Sonic X-treme, with the binary being developed for testing as we speak.


The source code features the core engine, code for the level editor, and files that turn your PC into a Sega Saturn development kit. The dev kit info is linked to the “Sega PC” concept, which was a partnership with Nvidia to produce their first GPU, which had extremely similar architecture to that of the Sega Saturn and would be used to play Sega PC games with a Sega Saturn controller and audio.

The engine, upon completion, will allegedly only function on a Windows 95 rig with a Diamond Edge NV1 specifically. The game will soon be tested on the proper hardware by other members of the community.

By far, this is the lost legend of the Sonic community, one that could finally be revealed after 20 years of development mystery and community digging. If the build functions as intended, this could mean that we can finally close the book on the enigma of Sonic X-treme.