Humble Weekly Racing Bundle Released

Codemasters games aren’t often offered up in bundles, which makes this week’s Humble Weekly Racing Bundle quite intriguing. The pay what you want tier features Urban Trial Freestyle, Real World Racing Bundle, and WRC Powerslide. If you spend $6 or more, you’ll get DiRT Showdown and Joe Danger 2: The Movie, while spending $9 gets you DiRT 3. It’s a bit odd to not have at least the first Joe Danger and/or earlier DiRT games included at some point, but this is still a remarkable value. Urban Trial Freestyle isn’t the greatest, but is worth the $1 minimum to get a Steam key. If you don’t have have Joe Danger 2 and DiRT Showdown, you should and DiRT 3 only adding $3 to the cost makes this a rare bundle I can easily recommend at the highest price point.