Upcoming Sega Dreamcast Games in 2015

2014 was a year filled with great gaming moments, all of which you can relive in our Game of the Year Awards. We’re also geared up for all the big games that will be coming out in 2015. On another note, the SEGA Dreamcast — the little engine that simply won’t quit — celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2014 and even saw a couple of new games. Now entering its 16th year in North America, it looks like the Dreamcast will still be thinking in 2015, thanks to a number of posthumous games scheduled for release.

Here are some standout titles that you can potentially look forward to playing on your Dreamcast in 2015.


Alice’s Mom’s Rescue


Recently confirmed with a solid release date, Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is a nifty looking retro platformer, which honestly feels like it should be on a 16 bit system like the Genesis or TurboGrapfx-16, instead of SEGA’s 128 bit dream machine. Still, this looks like a colorful and charming platformer with a very classic feel to it. In an age where traditional platforms are becoming increasingly rare due to the popularity of speed-run platformers that demand muscle memory, a more slower paced alternative in Alice’s Mom’s Rescue is definitely welcome.  It’s available for pre-order now on most video game specialty stores.


Pier Solar and the Great Architects


The release schedule got a little messy for Pier Solar last year, with a lot of it being issues outside of the developer’s control. Despite all the hoops it had to jump through, Pier Solar did make its way to the PC, PlayStation 4, and Wii U towards the end of 2014, and we quite enjoyed this awesome SEGA-esque role playing epic. Originally released as a Genesis title back in 2010, Pier Solar was supposed to land on the Dreamcast in 2014 but that hasn’t quite eventuated yet. Hopefully it will be ready within the next few months or so.


Elysian Shadows


This wickedly cool looking action RPG presents its detailed sprites using some tasty 3D effects and perspectives for good measure. It’s an unusually cool visual style for this almost Secret of Mana inspired RPG adventure, experimenting with sprites to bring out more visual flair and fidelity.  Elysian Shadows is a nice departure from the usual homebrew offerings on the Dreamcast, and it’s up there with Pier Solar in terms of scale and scope. This epic is looking to land on the DC (and other more convenient platforms) sometime in 2015.


Ghost Blade


Brought to you by the same people that gave us the quite sub-par Redux: Dark Matters, Ghost Blade is looking to provide a vertical bullet hell shooting experience that at least has a cool visual style going for it. There are some really strong DoDonPachi influences apparent in the visuals, gameplay and presentation, which is a good sign for sure. SHMUP homebrews are what people have come to expect from the Dreamcast community, but hopefully Ghost Blade has enough bells and whistles to stand out a little, and not just solely rely on the novelty of being a Dreamcast game.


Leonna’s Tricky Adventures


Already available on Steam since November of last year, this one might not be for everyone, but at least it’s something a little different. Leona’s Tricky Adventures is a puzzle adventure game where you navigate a jungle themed setting and solve a series of Tetris/Puyo Puyo based puzzles. It’s effectively a mini-game collection disguised as a platformer adventure. It’s experienced some delays, but hopefully it finally becomes available for the DC sometime this year despite an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign for the DC and Amiga versions. It may also have begun life as the official video game adaptation of Dora the Explorer (just a hunch).


Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness


Back during the golden era of FPS games, you had names like Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem, Shadow Warrior and a number of others that sported excellent shooting action and level design. Among these games was Blood, a shooter that turned the violence and gore up a notch for a thoroughly horror experience, and it was followed by a sequel before becoming dormant. Hypertension: Harmony of Darkness for the Dreamcast is effectively a reboot and spiritual successor of Blood. A fully 3D and violent FPS thriller for the DC — one based on a classic and forgotten IP — is an exciting proposition. If things go smoothly, the Dreamcast library will get something that will surely turn a few heads.




Joining Hypertension in the FPS category is SLaVE, a Tron inspired FPS platformer with a heavily stylized pixel-block aesthetic (think futuristic neon Minecraft). This looks to be a more arcade style shooter with emphasis on blasting anything that looks at you funny, and racking up a high score. SLaVE should be a fun alternative for those yearning for the simpler days of the genre.


But wait there’s more…


There are plenty of other small projects floating about, originating from all parts of the world. One of them is AMEBA, a game that was announced a couple of months ago as a visual novel detective thriller. Visual novels always had a strong presence on the Saturn and Dreamcast, so it’s cool to see a Western alternative that isn’t about dating for once. It’s barely into development at this point, but we still wanted to share the teaser image.

  • Bradly Storm

    Great article. So stoked for Alice, Ghost Blade, and Leona’s.

  • Paul Marrable

    So glad I held on to my Dreamcast!

  • Charles Patrick Walker

    Would never have thought this system still had games coming out all these years later.

  • Darin Herrick

    Technically a system that still has games in development is not dead. Hence, the Dreamcast will never die. 🙂 I’m still buying games for mine!

    • Dominic

      Just like it says in Soul Calibur, “Legends Never Die.”

      • Harry americana

        If xbox one buy old concept in 2d like shovel Knight (by the way excellent game) and call them “new game” is because real gamer still wanna see real game 😉

      • James

        No I think that was Sandlot.

    • Zanon

      A system that isn’t being developed is dead.
      Having games being developed for it doesn’t make it an active console, especially because you don’t seem the actual hardware being manufactured.

    • Justin

      I don’t think it’ll die until the apocalypse, and only then because there’ll be no one left to use it.

    • is4u2p

      Where do you buy them? I’m thinking about picking up a used Dreamcast and grabbing some of my old favorite games but, having the new games would be cool also.

  • Thank you for including our little project in this list. While we’re still in pre-production, we were honored to see AMEBA mentioned along Pier Solar and Elysian Shadows. Greetings from Spain! 😀

  • Midori Inaba

    Hmm… I wonder how many Wii games are in development today…

    Jokes aside, the legacy of the Dreamcast is beyond legendary. I wonder what SEGA thinks of these games, and I also wonder about all those people that designed and worked on the system so many years ago that may not be in SEGA right now anymore.

    “You know that console we worked on in the late 90’s?? The Dreamcast? People are still making games for it”

    I bet it must give them a quite warm unique feeling inside.
    Unfortunately, my Dreamcast’s laser is dead… I either have to replace it, or try to find a “new” console in the best possible conditions.

    • Jhon Brown

      There is new hardware alternatives. Usbgdrom or the gdemu even the GT-A1A. No more need for disc drives or laser problems.

      • Midori Inaba

        “hardware alternatives”
        You don’t get it do you…

    • Jhon Brown

      Or check out Reicast. Dreamcast emulator for android.

      • Midori Inaba

        Yoy don’t get it, do you…

    • Lodmot

      My Dreamcast still works. However, I was thinking about getting a 2nd Dreamcast and setting it up to play games off an SD card, because that’s actually possible apparently. It would save the laser, and if for some reason it dies, I would have the other console in its original factory state. ^^

  • Andrew Vrba

    Dreamcast is probably the most popular failure of all time, in the history of game consoles. It’s handiness as an emulation machine is one of my favorite things about it.

    • Ryo Shenmue

      It’s also the best videogame console of all time.

      • Justin

        Indeed. It was ahead of its time, and could’ve dominated the gen VI market if Sega’s reputation had been better and the PS2 hype machine didn’t kill what was left of it. It’s more-or-less responsible for making online console gaming a standard, with Microsoft just basing that part of the Xbox’s feature set on it. I’d love to see Sega bring it back as a retro console, I imagine there’s a surprisingly large market for it.

  • Jessika S.

    I’m glad games are still coming out for it but I doubt that I will pull mine out of the closet for this. I sold the one I use to play games on the other is still new in the box never opened.

    • Dominic

      Makes me weep…

      • Jessika S.

        I’ll try to get a used one.

        • Dominic

          …makes me smile.

          I also have my collector Dreamcasts, boxed and stored, but I could not imagine not having one out and ready to be played at any moment. There were too many great games to come back to on the DC, that you just don’t get with next gen consoles. Just hearing the sound of a Dreamcast is Pavlovian enough to get me to want to fire one up.

          • Jessika S.

            I just purchased a used one which is in pretty good condition looks new, didn’t come with controllers so I’m buying those right now on ebay.

          • Dominic

            Awesome. You will not regret it. But I’m sure you already knew that.

            Awhile back, I introduced my nephew to the Dreamcast, and he now thinks it’s the best console he has ever played (he owns XBOX1 and PS4). So to further reward his fine taste in gaming, I made him a mini Dreamcast Arcade Cabinet, something you might get a kick out of. Check it out here:


  • What sorcery is this?

  • gr3yh47

    wanna throw a NSFW tag on the article or change that image guys?

    • It never ceases to amaze me how blood, zombies and overall gratuitous violence is fine with you guys but a nipple makes you upset and asking for tags and stuff 😛

      • gr3yh47

        people don’t get fired for gore on their screen. nipples are a different matter.

        thus the expression not safe for work 😛

        • It’s precisely the fact that a nipple can get you fired while gore/violence is “safe for work” what’s beyond me. Obviously you take it for granted and that’s fine and normal and understandable, it just bothers me that, culturally, the latter (arguably much more dangerous or perverse) is acceptable and the former is scandalous.

        • incrediblehark

          maybe you should be working instead????

  • Lucas

    But how.. wh.. what? Who? I don’t even…

  • FusekiGames

    I’m also working on a game for release this year. However, mine is strictly a freeware download with no fancy packaging, hype or fanfare. Those who know me or have played my other game know that I create games very selfishly (i.e. for me to play) and share them in case others might find them enjoyable. I’m looking forward to giving SLaVE a go once it’s released…

    • Dominic

      Fuseki, I like your style. I like Primitive Nightmare and always thought that since you make these games for yourself and as shared Homebrew, that your imagination is not limited by any licenses.
      So you could in all reality make Primitive Nightmare variants with familiar artist music that also compliments this game, like dubstep or electronica similar to Dreamcast’s REZ.

      • FusekiGames

        You could easily change the music if you can find the tracks you want in s3m format (or IT format, then convert them to s3m). You’d just have to rename them to match the ones on the disc, and be sure to stay within the music memory limitations (I forget what this is at the moment… 3mb?). This reminds me, I should probably make the plain files available for download for cases like this (or you could just pull the files from the game disc and use Bootdreams to create a new disc with your music)…

        • Dominic

          Wow. Thanks man for the information. The music-swap interest wasn’t so much for your game, but just the ability and know-how to do it.
          I have seen other people do it for custom music Dreamcast games (MvC2, Tony Hawk, etc) and upload them; but they all said it’s complicated, formatting, file name changing, space allocation, etc., and wouldn’t task doing any other varieties beyond their own interest.
          But, you just gave a little insight to help further understand the process. I tried finding a YouTube channel that you might have to see more of your work, but I could not find any, but only many videos belonging to others who have praised your efforts.
          It would be cool if someone, maybe even yourself, uploaded a video tutorial on how to music-swap on Dreamcast games because it would be great to have some of these good games with music variants that are more contemporary to now. There are a lot of great artists now who would be great on let’s say Jet Grind Radio, Tony Hawk, Cosmic Smash, you name it. Something shared that would ultimately broaden the Dreamcast modding community’s knowledge.
          Thanks again man.

          • FusekiGames

            It all depends on what music format each particular game uses. Some use formats which compress their music files into one file; others obscure the format by using their own custom tools, sound driver code, and/or filename extensions. It could vary widely for any particular game. I use open formats for music (s3m) and sounds (wav). Other homebrew games do the same (ogg). Many commercial games (and perhaps even some homebrew games) utilize the audio track on the disc. So you see, there’s no universal method of music and sound processing on Dreamcast games. I guess I can understand why people are reluctant to put tutorials together, as they’d likely have to be done for a specific game. I personally have no experience doing this on the Dreamcast, although I have changed the music on Crazy Taxi on the PC 🙂

            The Dreamcast is a fairly easy, flexible machine to work with (although there are limitations to consider), but there are always many different ways to approach specific tasks. Music and sound processing is but one of these.

          • Dominic

            You’re entirely right. I have come to know that each programmer uses their own formats and drivers, whatever suits them for what they’re trying to achieve. There are so many new file types, it’s all become Greek to me, the last thing I had the littlest understanding of was RedBook Audio. Ha.
            I have seen a few different Tony Hawk music-swap uploads, so I know that that one has been properly cracked. I guess maybe the shortlist for music-swap games I would hope for, would be my own Tony Hawk music compilation, Test Drive 24hr Lemans, and Metropolis Street Racer all with better selected tunes. Gonna have to do some deep searching to see if those two have been cracked for music-swap yet.
            Thanks again man for all the information. It certainly helps in my DC journey, and for all else whoever reads your comments. 🙂

  • Mossman1221

    I have already reserved a copy of Elysian Shadows . I can not wait to see more of AMEBA.

  • Is this real or fake,i don’t know,is there really a dreamcast 2 comming,don’t know yet,never heard that before,i bet this is fake probley.don’t really know.

    • Anthony817

      Dreamcast has had new games released for it by indie devs since the evd of the commercial life. People still sell games they make for the system. It is not fake bro, you just really have no idea how much people really love the Dreamcast. They love it so much there is still a small market for indie devs to make some cash doing what they love.

      • Well,that’s good to know,wouldn’t mind the amazing world of gumball videogame on it when it comes out sometime

  • Silvestre Francisco

    great news. i bought one 2 years ago. i had kind of a retro gaming nostalgia, and had to relieve some games. it´s wonderful to know that there is still people developing games for the system, but my question is, where will i be able to buy those new games?i don´t know any retailer interested in having those, and i can´t seem to find any online store that sells those!

  • Some great titles we should try and pick up, I’m just looking at getting a copy ofRedux: Dark Matters

  • Alkomb

    Wait, what?