Freeware Patrol: Death Ray Manta (PC), War Daddy (Ouya), and the Bagfull of Wrong

Rob Fearon has been making hyper-colorful arena shooters for a while now, long enough that one of them even appeared in the physical paper version of Hardcore Gamer Magazine.  They’re vibrant, kinetic little bursts of pure action, overflowing with energy and an enjoyable insanity, and up until today had been bundled together under in a single package as the Bagfull of Wrong.  The games have had a good, productive life, however, so according to Mr. Fearon’s latest blog post it’s time to set them free.  Death Ray Manta, the wonderfully-named War Twat (and it’s more safely-named versions War Daddy (Ouya version) and War Nose), SYNSO (which stands for Squid Yes, Not So Octopus), and a few other toys are all free to the world.  There’s even graphic packs and other assorted resources if you want to get creative and roll your own versions.  Head on over and download a few freebies, and spend some time having your eyeballs enjoyably rattled out of their sockets.

Extra note of useful info- if you’ve gotten a Death Ray Manta Steam key from a bundle or some other place, the version you’ll get will be the new one being worked on now, rather than the now-free old one.


Bullets and pixel-explosions in War Nose. Not shown- screen shaking like mad with every enemy destroyed.