New Lumines in Development from Tetsuya Mizuguchi

It always stinks when a great series stalls after arguably its best iteration yet, but that’s exactly what has happened since Lumines: Electronic Symphony burst onto the scene in 2o12. Although that game still still looks and plays beautifully, its quality has made the wait for the next Lumines all the tougher (especially for those who have played through its tracklist for hours on end). The future of the series has been in limbo, but now it’s been announced that it will be coming back.

The rights to Lumines as well as the series Meteos have been acquired from Q Entertainment by Enhance Games and Mobcast, the former of which is headed up by Lumines and Meteos creator, Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

Mizuguchi has announced that a new Lumines game is in development for iOS and Android said to bring the music and visual experience of the game intact, but more suited for smartphones.