The Infinite Delay: Raven’s Cry Pushed Once More; Does it Exist?

Raven’s Cry has been a long time coming. A long, long time. Believe it or not, the game was originally announced all the way back in early 2012 and in that time it’s been delayed…well, honestly, we’ve lost track at this point. The last wave of delays came last year when the game was set for October last year before being delayed to December and then again to January 27 of this year.

We lost hope after the last delay. The game had already been delayed an extended period of time and seeing a series of short delays made us lose any of the faith we had left. We were doubtful the game would actually come out on January 27 and today that has come to fruition with publisher TopWare Interactive announcing that the game has been delayed again.

This time, however, the delay was only for four days. The new release date is January 30, but at this point even though it’s so close, we’re not holding our breath. The reason for the delay is said to be to “implement some features wanted by the community” and was as vague as that.

If and when Raven’s Cry does release (we’re beginning to have serious doubts of its existence, at least in a playable form), we’ll have a review, so be sure to check back in 2017.