This Super Mario Poster Has a Glaring Misprint

Since launching in the eighties, Super Mario has been a runaway success. The franchise has earned millions of dollars and spawned a Super Mushroom-sized array of lovable characters. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, Yoshi and so many more are recognizable and cherished around the world.

One of which, whom we at Hardcore Gamer love very much, is Toadette. She’s a real cutie patootie, an excellent kart racer and reminds us all that going on adventures with someone you really care about is fun. You may call those opinions, but we state them as facts; Toadette is just that cool.

Which brings us to the title in question. She’s been on the video game scene since 2003 making her first appearance in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! as a partner for Toad. So, in over ten years of establishing her name, why does this poster of Super Mario characters list her under her Japanese name? You may have seen it around since it’s been in stores for a few months in the United States, and more than likely anything in the country will be in English.

Nobody is going to know who Kinopico is; that name has never been used for any western releases. Listing her Japanese name seems to be an error seeing as Bowser Jr. should read Koopa Jr. and Shy Guy are known as Hey-Ho. Even as an error, it’s a big one to miss before continuing with production. Somebody has to approve everything on there, so how could they have missed the sweetest character of them all? Kinopico is a cute name, but it’s still no Toadette.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy the poster; it could serve as a great conversation piece once you’ve run out of Toadette facts. “Hey, did you know this poster I have has a pretty big mistake?” You could provide endless hours of fun just by discussing the poster. All we’re pointing out is that it’s an embarrassing mistake to put Kinopico in place of Toadette. Hopefully nobody is bummed they bought a misprinted poster. Maybe next time they’ll check their facts a little better.

  • Shawn Borwege

    Also found it weird that the Kong’s are on here. They have been in cross-over games, but not really a part of the Super Mario Universe. Could of used Rosalina or Boom-Boom in their place.

  • Adrienne Elfrink

    I have a poster that looks like that but she’s not on it. I don’t know if I got a later one, and they took her out completly. Or that is a second one. I remember seeing the one with misprint Toadette the other day. I can’t remember if Monty is on it or not. Also mine is rearranged quite a bit as far as the order they are in.

  • João Victor Brito

    It’s written Kinopiko, actually, so it’s double wrong