Overwatch Gets a 1080p/60fps Gameplay Preview Showcasing the Adorable Tracer

Blizzard has its hands in a lot of multiplayer baskets these days and one of its most intriguing projects is the upcoming MMO FPS, Overwatch. The publisher/developer has today done a great job giving players a better idea of what to expect from the game by releasing a nearly seven minute gameplay trailer showcasing Tracer. Perhaps best known as the goggle-wearing female who blows a tuft of hair out of her face, Tracer is a force to be reckoned with. Although she hardly takes herself seriously, constantly muttering quips in a British accent, she dual-wields pistols and quickly lays waste to the battlefield.

Check her out in action below:

  • ShadowFang

    Man am I looking forward to this game! My most looked-forward to title of 2015, by far! Blizzard’s amazing new “feature animation”-style in a colorful FPS package with great character designs!? Oh heck yes. Bring it on! Seriously, Blizzard – your Overwatch team have the best rigs/animations I’ve seen in a game in a loooong time. Maybe ever (so far). It’s amazing looking!

    I don’t care how Activision decides to roll this out either; I could see it being buy-to-play, or go free-to-play… or even if they wanna do a line of “Toys-to-Game” merch a la Skylanders and give you access to new heroes that way. Maybe a combination of those options. I’d be down with picking up most characters digitally, but if Activision is like, “Hey, you could pick up a $12 statuette of Tracer or Winston for your desk”, I’d get that instead of just springing for the digital purchase in a heartbeat, I admit 😉

    MAN! This looks good! I’m so glad that FPS’ are getting their speed and bite back after years of being uber-linear roller coasters; Unreal Tournament 2K15 is looking real hot too!