Anger Boils in Trailer for Final Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC – Trespasser

While Dragon Age: Origins received several DLC quest modules on top of the well-sized Dragon Age: Awakening expansion, Dragon Age: Inquisition has not quite gotten the great post-launch plot-driven single-player DLC support fans hoped for.

Hopefully that changes with the latest and final single player plot-driven DLC “Trespasser”, which seeks to wrap up the Dragon Age: Inquisition story arc with some heavy conflict and a lot of sweet, sweet anger. Taking place two years after the events of Dragon Age: Inquisiton, Trespasser leaves us with an Inquisition challenged by those it seeks to protect and angry at the world it’s saved.

There seems to be a nice amount of variety in this DLC’s locales, and while it isn’t quite looking like it will have the relative scale of a full-on post-campaign expansion, it does look like it will address many of players’ questions about the game’s ending and of the state of Thedas after a hole in the sky was opened and subsequently closed.

Get mad with the trailer for the Trespasser DLC below (Spoiler Alert for those who have not finished Dragon Age: Inquisition). This final single player DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition will be out September 8. For more on Dragon Age: Inquisition, and to see why it was our favorite RPG of 2014, check out our review.


  • Neil Q

    I would argue the relative lack of large scale DLC enhancement is because this game, unlike most games nowadays, actually gave us a large, expansive campaign in the original title, rendering DLC not quite as necessary.

    Compare and contrast with Mass Effect 3, another (relatively) recent Bioware title, where so much of that title was gutted for DLC purposes that the main game itself was no more than 35 hours. DA:I is over twice that, and Bioware is to be commended for it, IMHO. They gave buyers a large game for their original $60. How novel.

    • This is true, so much content was right there out of the box that maybe there wasn’t really appropriate room for an expansion with the relative scale of Dragon Age: Origins’ Awakening. To be getting DLC at all is nice, even with the $15 price tag. The bar’s already set way high for the next game as is, may as well save some story for the sequel.