Streets of Rage, Shenmue, Shinobi III Vinyl LPs Back In Stock

Not too long ago, DATA DISCS released vinyl LPs for various Sega games. Streets of Rage, Shenmue, Shinobi III, and Super Hang-On were all up for grabs in this limited run series of old-school Master System, Genesis and Dreamcast game soundtracks. While each title was represented by three different vinyl variations (referring to the color of the actual vinyl record itself), they flew off digital shelves quickly, leaving those who were unable to make it to a computer in time to place an order out in the cold. Fortunately, however, it seems that not all of those initial orders were filled and thus DATA had spare first-print copies of all the titles in the line, minus Super Hang-On, and announced yesterday that they would be opening up orders on them today (which happened at 11am EST).

While we were among those who visited their webstore at exactly 11am, effectively crashing the site momentarily, it would appear that all is now right and that there are still copies of the aforesaid titles in stock, Shenmue’s limited edition vinyl is even still available! They each run about $30–which is a right steal, mind you–and should be shipping soon!

We don’t suspect these will last much longer, as the limited edition copies of Streets of Rage and Shinobi went very quickly. Nevertheless, for those out there who collect video game vinyl like we do, it’s a perfect time to snatch one of these bad-boys up, or at least get your video game collector friend an early holiday present.

So, if you’re among the interested, head on over to DATA DISCS’ website and get to ordering! If for some reason you were to pass on this one, DATA have said that more will be available in Late November/Early December, however, they will not be the limited edition ones.