Does EA Have No Shame?

Electronic Arts has been one of the top three companies found at the forefront of everything that’s wrong in the gaming industry for years now. Normally many companies would take this as a hint and start thinking of new strategies to better their company, but not EA.

EA’s latest Star Wars game Battlefront was recently released on PS4, Xbox One and PC. According to some reviews and high profile celebrities, Star Wars Battlefront is the best Star Wars game they have ever played. This has been taking the notice of many skeptics of the game by surprise, as it was mostly expected by the community to have the kill/death ratio of a common Storm Trooper. The game’s launch was met by plenty of high-praise, but it seems that the news of Star Wars: Battlefront’s return was too good to be true. Recently, the community has learned that EA has been paying off famous people to say good things about their product, but not everyone was willing to take their dirty money and keep their mouths shut about how bad Star Wars: Battlefront really is.


“They wanted to pay me to post that I like this piece of shit game.. They can shove it up their ass this game sucks I’d rather watch the god awful prequels then play this piece of shit one more second that’s for ruining Star Wars EA :)”, said Breaking Benjamin, band member Benjamin Burnley, whom had quickly took to posting an image of a fragmented Xbox One version of EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront disc. It seems that the company will go to no lengths or bounds in order to spread a deceitful and immoral message to consumers, in a ploy to trick them into spending their hard earned and honest money.

The news that EA had been paying off famous people to spread word on various social media sites doesn’t really come with much surprise. At this point it is almost to be expected as if one was to venture through the internet, they would discover that Star Wars Battlefront has been obtaining low review scores of mostly fives out of tens around countless sites. The game had generally received more hype than it ever deserved due to the expertly crafted first two games that were created by the long passed away publishing studio, LucasArts. If not for the original games, many gamers would probably not have been blinded by nostalgia when the revival of Star Wars Battlefront was first announced during E3 2013.

We could spend all day criticizing EA for questionable marketing, paying off celebrities, forced multiplayer for broader appeal in their games, re-making IPs for the purpose of cashing-in, buying out studios and creating mass layoffs, early server shutdowns and bad online passes, but instead please refer to the above picture of Emperor Palpatine.

  • Daniel Masterson

    If people dont know this about EA by now then something is very wrong.

    • hvd hvd

      and yet they still make a killing on consoles.

  • Rueffinkiddinme

    I have not really played through all the game has to offer. But what I have played I really enjoyed. So I’m don’t get all the hate, the game is not the second coming but it is fun and entertaining.

    • wow

      it will get stale. Don’t play it more than a few hours a week…

      • Rueffinkiddinme

        Yeah that is actually about all I do put into it.

        • wow

          then you’re golden

  • Dirkster_Dude

    What EA is doing is no different than someone requesting an endorsement for their product. If the individual likes the game EA wants to use that information publicly. I seriously doubt they are asking famous people to lie about liking the game. That would hurt their reputation and the famous person when it came out.

    • d0x360

      Every company in every industry promotes this way now and has for years but shhh don’t tell the gaming masses since most of them are probably between 14-18 they can’t handle the stress

  • Johanna_L

    Nope, a company that wins the worst company in USA is up to no good.

  • Mithan

    What I don’t get is, why are so many people enjoying the game on game forums? You know, the ones who actually bought it and play it? Weird.

    • d0x360

      Crazy isn’t it. Sure the game is content lite but if the people playing it are enjoying it then who cares? If you think there isn’t enough then by all means wait. This game will be played until a sequel comes out.

      I have 2 thoughts on these harpes negative outcry. First if we had never heard of that canceled version that had ground to space combat nobody would be complaining right now. Guess what folks, these consoles can’t handle that! They dont have enough memory for it because if you can transition you need to keep everything in memory at once, not gonna happen with 5 gigs of memory split between GPU and CPU.

      Lastly let’s say your average person plays this game for 20 hours. That’s a good value for $60 in a game today. There will be others who play for 60, 100, 1000 without ever spending another dime. Not everyone requires 20 maps in fact I’d prefer a more focused set of large dense maps with good design over 18 filler maps and 2 OK maps.

  • mcflu

    I love the part where you talk about sites giving it bad reviews, and you cite your own review as the example haha, wow, thats lame.

  • brubble

    There is, and always will be an endless tide of utter morons who BOTH knowingly and unknowingly support this kind of business model. Morons who dont do their homework before spending their hard earned cash. Morons who just “GOTTA HAVE IT NOW”. Morons who cant see past the ‘theme’ of the game. I say kudos to EA for duping and fleecing said morons. EA’s job is to make money, nothing more, and if anyone thinks otherwise….well, they’re a moron.

    You buy into EA’s blatant perpetual sh*ttiness and then proceed to b*tch that the game isnt good enough? Well then thats just too bad, you’ve immediately lost the right to b*tch after forking over money. You like the game? Great, good stuff. Enjoy it.

  • TraceSkipper

    I buy EA games all the time. I love EA. I never bought Battlefront though b/c I dont have enough time to devote myself to another shooter besides Hardline and BF4.

    • hvd hvd

      dont you know where all the hate is coming from?.pc gamers.they are trying to compare this battlefront to a 10year old games is making a killing on consoles.i just wish the dev;s would have took more time to make both games 1080p.

      • Yamato

        If a 10 year old game was released with more content than the new one, of course it deserves the criticism.

        • hvd hvd

          its not 2005. move on.

          • SOMEGUY7893 .

            By moving backwords?

  • daizyujin

    To answer the question. No. I didn’t even have to read the article to comment on that one. 🙂

    (Note: This comment was a joke. I did read the article.)

  • Shikigami

    It’s so sad what EA has become nowadays, I’ve been a fan of their games for a long time and this is just sad. The first few games I played addictively on my computer were from EA. I was disappointed with what they did with so many games especially The Sims4 since it’s one of my childhood favorites and now this too ><

  • tobikun219

    the games player count on PC is down to 15k it is less than BF4, also they are already working on battlefront EA 2 it is coming in 2017.

  • a_v

    “Does EA Have No Shame?”

    Stupid question. This is the company that released how many expansions for the Sims… That insisted “always on” was integral to the gameplay of Sim City and wasn’t in any way DRM… That paid for fake protesters for one of their games… That blamed all criticism it received for price gouging and rampant greed as homophobic hate…. That loves to release the same game year after year after year with roster changes… That happily would take images from college atheletes, fail to pay them for using said images, then claim they were different…. That often bought up great studios, made them churn out incomplete crappy sequels then closed them down once they finished sucking the value out of their original products…That managed to release completely incomplete games then charge for content that should have been included as DLC and microtransactions….

    A better question is “Why did I expect anything better?”