MangaGamer Hit by Payment Fraud; No Longer Offering Steam Keys

MangaGamer is an online distributor focused on bringing a massive library of visual novels to English-speaking gamers. More recently, they finally began selling games on Steam and even offered Steam keys with purchase on MangaGamer.

Unfortunately, it looks like that is no longer the case. The company announced today that they have been dealing with “drastically heightened number of fraudulent purchases” via stolen credit cards on the site. Why now after all these years? It appears the criminals are targeting games with complimentary Steam keys. They’ve been buying games, re-selling keys immediately, and getting them redeemed before MangaGamer can stop them.

As such, they will not be offering Steam keys with purchase on MangaGamer for “the foreseeable future.” At the moment their payment processor is also down. Here are all their releases on Steam.

  • Datguy

    Welp, not the first time a select few screw things over for the majority :/

  • Guess if they tied it into a pre order system several months before release that’s one way to give keys to most likely non fraudulent payers. With an alternative at least 2 months post release before steam key arrives. Anyone that follows mg or is informed can buy in advance to secure the steam key. With maybe a recognized loyalty system beyond that.