Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Devil (Ichiko Ohya)

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*Values highlighted in red are optimal choices.


1 Rumor-filled Scoop Lessens security level increases, and decreases security level more overnight.
4 Shocking Scoop Delivers the same effect as Rumor-filled Scoop, but to greater effect.
7 Outrageous Scoop Delivers the same effects as Rumor-filled Scoop, but to incredible effect.
MAX Legendary Scoop Security level will not increase, and will drop to zero overnight.

Rank 2

Response 1Why do you ask? +0I don’t. +0Mishima might… +2
Response 2Worth…? +0What about their justice? +0
Response 3I like the atmosphere. +0It’s for the article. +2Tell me about that incident. +0

Rank 3

Response 1Minors couldn’t do that stuff. +0You might be right. +0You shouldn’t make assumptions. +2
Response 2What’s the difference? +0I’m sure you are. +0
Response 3Why not change careers? +0Maybe you should quit. +0
Response 4What was she accused of? +0What happened? +0She was falsely accused? +2

Rank 4

Response 1What’s this about? +0She hasn’t done anything wrong. +0
Response 2Of course we are. +2Don’t tell anybody. +2
Response 3Our movie is about to start. +0That’s enough. +0We’re dating. Seriously. +0

Rank 5

Response 1Because of your investigation? +0Because of your incident? +0Are you sure we’re the same? +0
Response 2I’m curious. +0You can trust me. +0
Response 3What was the cause of death? +0Who killed him? +0
Response 4That sounds like defamation. +2That’s unforgivable. +3How’s your search going? +0

Rank 6

Response 1Did something bad happen? +0Having trouble at work? +0
Response 2He must not like you. +2Did he find out? +0
Response 3Do you have evidence of that? +0You should trust in her. +2You might be right. +0
Response 4That’s the spirit +2You’re a great journalist. +2What about your quota? +0

Rank 7

Response 1What was that about? +0Could it be…? +0
Response 2Calm down. +2Don’t let him provoke you. +3Let’s think of another way. +3
Response 3You should work on that. +2You’re charming as you are. +3

Rank 7.5

Response 1Like what? +0You seem tired. +2So… I have a pet cat… +0
Response 2What’s the chief’s name? +0Tell me more about him. +0

Rank 8

Response 1He reflected on his actions. +0Aren’t you happy? +0
Response 2Did I? Can’t remember. +0Uh, nope. +0
Response 3I’m glad to hear that. +0Thank god. +0
Response 4That’s not like you. +3You need pursue the truth. +3I’ll go with you. +3

Rank 9

Response 1Are you OK? +0Did you learn the truth? +0
Response 2What are you going to do? +0You’re not giving up, are you? +2
Response 3I can’t leave you. +3I want to help. +3I need those articles. +0
Response 4Of course not. +0No way. +0
Response 5I took it seriously. +0 (ROMANCE)I didn’t take it seriously. +0 END
Response 6I love you, Ichiko. +0 (ROMANCE)I’m just kidding. +0

Rank MAX

Response 1You’re really earnest. +2Is that entertainment? +3You don’t need my info? +0
Response 2I’m glad to hear that. +3I’ll read the next issue. +3
Response 3So you knew all along? +0It’s just a coincidence. +0Lala’s the real phantom thief. +0
Response 4It’s up to you. +3I want to go to your place. +3