Destiny is a Roaring Engine of Space-Fantasy Love

While Destiny might not be your standard MMO because it’s also a shooter, it’s nonetheless doing something similar to the likes of the original FFXIV. Destiny is raising itself to the ground and just like a flower that finds a way to bud up through the ashes, just maybe Destiny 2 will deliver on things its parent game couldn’t. By the likes of the new trailer, as flames consume the Last City and the Towers burn with it, it gives cause to rise up and begin the fight anew. This is a time for Guardians new-and-old to band together and join in what is sure to continue a name of legacy, even if Destiny didn’t quite get everything right. Before any of that can begin, Destiny is turning it on and by far this is the best time to give it the send off it deserves.

Destiny released in September of 2013 and with it came an avid fan base, not necessarily for the game itself, but for developer Bungie as a whole. Unfortunately, Destiny wasn’t the most well-received game and its history is marked by scars of mistakes past. Nonetheless it pushed ever onward and a healthy fan following remained to keep it alive-and-well. There’s even a Guardiancon now and the game is still in its child years if breaking it down. It can think, play and be socially engaging; it just needs to grow a bit more. Thankfully, Destiny is giving the ultimate gift in its last few months before Destiny 2 comes out.

Turning it on.

Starting with Record Books seems like the appropriate place. Destiny took the idea of achievements or milestones, whatever they might be called, and put them in the form of Record Books. A way for Guardians to keep track of all their glorious achievement plus receive gifts for leveling up through the Record Book that can be shown off when around other Guardians. Nothing like a sweet skin, right? Much like its Age of Triumph title comes the ultimate Record Book. Not only is this Record Book the largest seen so far, but it also is tough as nails to get through. It is sure to keep any Guardian busy, especially those that might be returning. What’s nice about the Age of Triumph Book is even if it seems like a slog (nothing new for Destiny), the records are easy to achieve, especially before September. Nothing bombastic or hardcore. Just a challenging but fair checklist. Things players will find worth doing, hell maybe even starting up that class you’ve always wanted to play but never got around too. September is a long way away after all and that Age of Triumph book wont fill itself out.

Getting there…

The most exciting thing by far is the fact that all the Raids are back. Updated Raids matching appropriately the light level of Guardians and its fair because it’s not even the max light level of 400, it’s 390. This ensures that more people will get to experience the Raids, instead of just the top tier level players. Besides having free reign on all Raids and smashing in some old baddies’ faces, the updated Raids come with something even more worthwhile: the coolest armor to ever come out of Destiny. While I haven’t been the biggest fan of some of the armor choices made by Bungie, whoever thought of this totally revamped package of all armor was a genius. Seeing the new Raid armor was enough to sell me on Age of Triumph — Vault of Glass aside. It just looks so space-magic, and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Speaking of space-magic, more lore has been filled in with the arrival of new ghost. Yes, not everyone wants to crawl to the internet to discovery the intricate workings of just what makes Destiny tick, but for lore-nerds like me, this is a dream come true. I will gladly take more lore, because for those who don’t know, Destiny has some crazy cool sci-fi/fantasy lore. When is space-magic a bad thing? It’s not. Any tad bit more of lore to leak out will be greedily consumed until the next one arrives. It might seem like a small thing, but all those NPCs aren’t just spotting nonsense, they are referencing things. It’s the same reason every item has a cryptic description. In fact, this might be the best time to get to know Destiny. Might as well see how it all came to be while waiting for Destiny 2, right? So, go read that lore. It’s crazy and out-there in the best of ways. Just know it’s heavy on the space-magic — a wizard did come from the moon, after all. If that doesn’t sum it up, I don’t know what does.

All the space-magic.

OK, yes, loot has not been talked about and isn’t that what Cayde-6 made a firm point of mentioning at the end of the trailer? Well, seeing as we already know the outcome of what happens to said “loot,” it might not seem to matter — wrong. Just like everything else, loot is in full-swing. It might as well be raining guns and armor from the skies because the loot is real and it’s good. Aside from the sweet Raid armor mentioned above, the drop rates on loot have all been set to maximum. I’m talking exotics, I’m talking legendries and everything in between. My guardian has never looked rawer. I’m a space wizard and I’m here to party. All this loot also means that catching up has never been easier for those who might have fallen behind coming back to Destiny. Getting to 400 light level should take no time at all and again, Destiny 2 isn’t out until September, so there is plenty to do until then.

Convinced yet, Guardian? Ready to come back to the fold instead of drinking your woes away locked in a dark dingy Tower bar? Sure, you might see Cayde-6 roll on through, but does he really have anything interesting to say yet? He’s just waiting for the action he has no idea is on the way. The Cabal have been a long time coming and what better way to kick off Destiny 2 then an all-out assault on the place Guardians call home? Get it while it’s hot Guardian, the Tower won’t be around for much longer and all that hard work you’ve put in over the years (or ignored), well either keep at it or kiss it good bye. See you in space, Guardian.

  • BiffChadwell

    Man, you did it more than once. Just a note: “Nonetheless” is one word, my friend 😛

    At any rate, I remain unconvinced. There’s certainly a lot of talent being poured into Destiny 2; I’m a fan of Bungie and Vicarious Visions, and isn’t High Moon working on this too? With COD underperforming lately, I’m sure Activision would like Destiny to pick up the slack, so you may as well throw a lot of good teams at it. I’m rooting for it, but just need to see a lot more.

    Wasn’t a big fan of that announcement trailer though. I’m a big fan of their… well, big scale sci-fi. The science fantasy stuff; they always treat it well. They did with Halo, they did with Marathon, and they did with Destiny 1 – seeing the Borderlands-y/Deadpool-y tone in their first promotional material for Destiny 2 was… weird. Didn’t like it. Its weird to see that from them (even though, technically, its just pre-rendered animation from another studio. In this case,the always excellent Blur Studio).

    Bungie’s not the makers of games like Borderlands, or Battleborn, or Bullestorm, or Saints Row. They don’t make those types of “funny”, ” ‘tude-laden” shooters. I don’t want to see that from them. The less they focus on the nonsensical stuff in marketing (including shots of dumb MMO staples like dancing and emotes and whatnot), the better. Hope they course-correct that messaging over the next couple of months, otherwise the all-important “hype train” may have trouble picking up speed…

    Gonna be an interesting E3 for Destiny 2, that’s for sure.

    • DarthDiggler


      seeing the Borderlands-y/Deadpool-y tone in their first promotional material for Destiny 2 was… weird

      I found that to be very odd too. Honestly I wouldn’t read a ton into it, it is likely just for marketing and not an example of the game content. Given what I heard about Destiny 2’s story, humor would be an odd addition to the game at this point.

  • asadachi

    If you play destiny still or will fall into the trap of buying the next destiny game, I feel bad for you.

    • DarthDiggler


      Just because someone doesn’t share your opinion they are deserving of your sympathy? LOL You don’t think that comment is a bit asinine?

      I had my issues with Destiny but to suggest it was a terrible game or people didn’t get their money’s worth is flat out dumb. People poured hundreds of hours in that game. They got their money’s worth. You don’t get people investing that much time into a title that is of poor quality.

      Here is an easy way to tell if you got your money’s worth. Take the value of the game and divide it by the amount of hours you put in the title. Even if you only spend 15 hours on a $60 game $4 per hour is damned cheap entertainment. So people complaining that they were “ripped off” or “trapped” by a game are just speaking HOGWASH. If you don’t have $60 to RISK on a game perhaps you need to reanalyze your life and adjust your priorities.

      I am hoping Destiny 2 addresses the elephant in the room which is space travel. In terms of creating different factions, npcs, enemies, shoo

  • DarthDiggler

    Destiny is an example of many missed opportunities. The biggest mistake Destiny made was moving to space. if they would have remained on a Planet and adopted the fantasy setting they were initially shooting for no one would have cared that you couldn’t fly space ships.

    Moving the game to space did allow them to expand the narrative but making spaceships something that changes how your loading cut-scene looks was as lazy as you could get for a game in space. While the content that you did play was of high quality that only spoke volumes of the lack of real space flight. We know the team was good at delivering content, why did we get so short changed?