Final Fantasy XIV Gets New Free Login Campaign

Getting prepped for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion, Stormblood? Well if you’re like many, you’re either preparing┬áto come back or already playing catch-up to gear up for the massive release in two months, but to ensure you get an early start, Square Enix is offering yet another Free Login Campaign.

Until May 8, anyone without an active subscription will be able to play Final Fantasy XIV for 96 hours upon logging in. You will need to actually own the game, but if you do, you’ll have no trouble getting access to everything for the short amount of time. This comes in the wake of the free trial being modified so you’re able to play it until level 35, so really there’s no better time to┬átry the fantastic MMO.

Final Fantasy XIV (along with its first expansion, Heavensward) is available right now for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, with Stormblood coming out June 20 for the former two platforms.

  • Datguy

    I don’t get it… so if you hit level 35, you can play another 96 hrs for free till May 8th?

  • Jon

    I know this is an old article, but I have a question if anyone’s listening. I downloaded the free trial for FF XIV about a year ago. I liked it enough to buy Heavensward for my PS4 as the digital version from PSN. But after my 30 days were up, I stopped playing because I couldn’t afford – as a casual gamer – to invest in the monthly subscriptions for an extended period of time. Flash forward to now; where my copy of Heavensward is lying dormant in my PS4’s library of games. Does this mean now that I’ll be able to go back and play the game without the subscription fees; albeit until my character reaches level 35?