Top Five Reasons to Purchase an Xbox One X

With Gamescom 2017 coming to an end, many gamers have had an outcry about the lack of exclusive gaming options for the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X. With the recent announcement of the exclusive Crackdown 3 being delayed, options are limited outside of Forza Motorsport 7 to help push the system at its launch. While there is a lot of negativity surrounding the system going into the launch, there are still positive aspect that the system will offer. Today, we look at the top five reasons to purchase a Xbox One.

1. You Have a Group of Friends You Exclusive Play Xbox Games With

Still a great online service

If you and your friends have been day one owners of the current Xbox One and have a tight connection on playing the exclusives online that the system currently offers, then the Xbox One X is worth investing in. Whether it be Halo, Forza, Gears, Call of Duty or Battlefield, everything will look and run better on Xbox One X. People who did this with PlayStation Pro can relate.

2. You Want a 4K System Without the Hassles of PC Gaming

Very Pretty. Very Expensive.

I recently purchased a NVidia GTX 1070 video card, second hand. This card still runs $400 and it’s only geared towards a 1440p resolution. The price of the Xbox One X is inviting for those wanting performance and not an absurd price tag. From personal experience, if you want 4K capabilities on a PC without cutting corners, it will be a hassle. The GTX 1080 or AMD’s new Vega will cost you a pretty penny, on top of the actual PC components. Most likely you have a 4K television, but what’s the refresh rate at 4K? 30hz? That means the television would cap a PC at 30FPS. Going the route of the Xbox One X is a quick and easy way into 4K visuals or a better performing 1080p system.

3. You are a Hardcore Forza Fan

The drive to be the best comes at a cost.

Forza Motorsport 7 will no doubt be the quintessential version of the series as many racing fans prefer this to Gran Turismo, Project Cars, or Assetto Corsa. If you already own a steering wheel setup and want the most out of the experience, it would be worth upgrading to Xbox One X. Even Project Cars 2 will be maximized in its effort on the new system.

4. You are Finally Jumping in on this Generation and Sony’s Exclusive Franchises Don’t Suit You

Some people don’t like good things.

Maybe you’ve been holding off on this generation. Maybe you’ve exclusively been a PC gamer looking for a capable console to satisfy your performance cravings. Maybe you think Uncharted is stupid, Gran Turismo is overrated or Bloodborne looked too hard. The socialization aspect and user interface are more friendly on Xbox Live, as well. Not to mention you may prefer the Xbox controller layout. The system will have its perks and should offer better visuals and performance on third party titles than the competition.

5. You Have to Have Every Console

When you love it all…

You bought both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at launch. You cater to multiple friends and stream from multiple devices. You must own the best console hardware available. You are licking your chops at the Project Scorpio Launch Edition of the Xbox One X. You’re just a gaming fan, in general, and have the money to back that up.

  • OldSocialist

    All of ’em except 3. There are some very good games on PS4 and I have one for that reason – but in the end I do prefer the Xbox ecosystem, my friends are there and my very favourite franchises are mostly multiplat, so the idea of having the best versions of them is attractive.

  • stopbeingafanboy

    I got 2 reasons NOT to get an Xbox one X…I bought both the Xb1 and the Xb1s, and they have yet to deliver quality exclusive games on a regular basis. Hell I haven’t purchased a new game on the Xbox all year and have two of them. Meanwhile I’m having a blast on the switch and ps4 pro.

  • Hans Wurst

    Please tell me one thing: Why should anyone invest in and support a company that constantly is caught lying and tries to deceive even their truest fans?! Why?!

  • Billy

    I am sorry, this article is basically trash, there is no one reason on there that would help someone decide to buy an Xbox One X, or even Xbox for that matter. Don’t get me wrong Xbox is great and the Xbox One X is a beast if it works as advertised, I personally have not played it yet and even if I had I would of not tried all my games and until then I can only go off of what I know. Anyway my 10 year old could of wrote this and did a better job at least he understands there is more to a system than “you have to have every console” and my 98 year old could of done an oral report that would of been more effective. There are more than 5 real good reasons to play Xbox in general then adding Xbox One X and so many games taking advantage of the system (over 100 now and it was 43 during E3 that is a major increase in less than 2 months) Sorry I just think that if these are the reasons that persuaded you that your missing so much in gaming or maybe it is you need to stop gaming and go back to school, if still there maybe study more.